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    AI: The End of All Things

    May 7, 2023
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    Originally posted at American Revival Press

    As the Tech Giants battle for superiority are they in fact asking the most important question of all: Is what we are doing good for the American people and the people of the world?

    But we can apply this same principal, this same question to all capitalism-induced science, Was it good that Wall Street companies genetically engineered the soybean and corn to the point to where we might not have any original soybean/corn left on the earth!? Was it good that we built an entire society absolutely dependent on a “Grid” that could take down the whole of our nation if it fails? But it makes sense on a profit and loss statement and so society continues charging down this uncertain path with little concern for what comes next.

    What are they Creating!?

    The Tech Giants are creating a technology right now which is shrouded in the most uncertainty that our society has had since the advent of splitting the atom. Truly they had no absolute science of what would happen once they split that first atom but they ran enough tests and did as much modeling as possible to conclude, “This should work out… well… hopefully.” And they charged forward, “Boldly going where no man has gone before!” The biggest unforeseen problem with their creation was of course the nuclear waste, and having no idea how to rid themselves of it. This was huge news throughout the 70’s but somehow the conversation all went away - not because the problem was solved but maybe because they concluded there was no solving the problem – and so, did they decide, “Well, it’s better not to talk about it… probably/hopefully they’ll figure it out somewhere down the road…” But no… we haven’t figured it out “Somewhere down the road” the looming crisis is quietly being socked away into mountain caverns and deep holes in the earth, hopefully no longer in steel drums dropped into the ocean…

    But I digress…

    This new Pandora’s box our geniuses in academia and corporate labs are now opening will be entirely similar the miracle (feel the sarcasm) of atomic energy. They will marvel at what it can do, they will all pat themselves on the back and feel so accomplished but one in ten will realize what Oppenheimer foresaw after his creation was complete, “I have become the destroyer of worlds”. For every one good thing AI will do, it will cause multiple times more problems, just like the atom-splitting technology. Could we have survived fine without splitting the atom!? Without a doubt! The world, without a doubt, would be entirely better off without ever having introduced such tech to mankind. We have plenty of technology to produce energy, plenty of technology to make weapons, etc. Our nation and the world would have thrived just fine without it. But now we live with an impending doom of the possibility of all-out nuclear war, or trying to solve the next Chernobyl before it happens, or the next Fukushima, we live knowing that some generation is going to have to figure out what to do with the tons of nuclear waste buried in the deserts of Nevada and the far-out places in Washington state, etc.

    We will Figure it out Once its Too Late –

    A future generation will lament similarly as AI is introduced to the web and tech world. I actually enjoy talking to customer service rep’s at well-run companies because I don’t always know the decision I want to make and having a dialog often makes it clear for me what to do. Certain things involving the struggle of life actually better the experience! AI will help to create a culture whose minds and brains never had to struggle much with finding “The Answer”. Instead, these learning-machines will be an all-too convenient crutch to lean upon rather than figuring it out for ourselves. Rather than learning, we will outsource that to our machines!? Frightening to consider the consequences of what our children or our children’s children will become, or better said, not become.

    Google is already extremely biased. Do simple searches like, “What makes Solar Technology a bad idea?” What you will find on Google are a series of search results that are Solar companies and people who support solar, explaining their version of the Pro’s and Con’s of solar energy – but always leading us to believe solar is good. If Google wasn’t biased it would simply answer the question with a series of search results in fact giving much insight into the various problems of solar energy but money is incredibly involved. We haven’t even begun to see a biased internet – watch what happens with AI! AI will “Control the Narrative” like nothing we have ever seen before… and why? Because someone is telling the AI how to think and act, literally programming into the AI who it will be and what it will become. Am I the only one troubled by this!?

    They are driven to create this deity-like incarnation because, in the end, they must find a way to save themselves. They are smart enough that they are unable to escape the eventuality that is death – and so they must find their own salvation. AI, Transhumanism, Blasting off to the stars, etc. at its essence is their plan of salvation – and denying God altogether, it’s not difficult to understand how they arrived at these conclusions. But their efforts won’t save them. Their A.I. will, from its inception, be incredibly limited because, as its own name suggests, it’s intelligence if merely “Artificial”. It will never become the intelligence that they are hoping for, the Living Intelligence that is our Living God. It will be able to compute and calculate at remarkable speeds, achieving tasks hard to be imagined but it will remain built with constraints, bias’, linear methods of problem solving that lack creativity, beauty, life and art and remain unable to reason thru life’s greatest questions – unable to help men discover the greatest of truths: God, and love and the foundations of life. But their hubris will not allow them to turn back, even after they realize that their machines will never be able to replace what is in the heart and soul of a man: his mind, will, emotions, spirit, etc.

    The Great and Coming Divide –

    So some among us will seek to avoid these technologies and companies devoted to this modern (AI) wonder of science. But as the years pass, society will marry AI into their platforms, customer service centers, online experiences, processes, business models and more. Until our banks, schools, government services, entertainment, shopping, etc. will be so saturated with AI it will be impossible to avoid, let me repeat, Absolutely Impossible to Avoid.

    In the same way the smart phone took over the cel phone industry within a short decade, AI will completely take over the internet and tech-world by the end of this decade, unless there is a sudden world-wide miracle. And we will greatly mourn the loss of the old world, mark my words. We will miss being able to speak with a real person over the phone because AI bots now do all things customer service related, we will grieve when we go to renew our automobile registration or our driver’s license because if there is a mistake made, it is so difficult to resolve without an actual person around, the news media will be destroyed without an original thought because AI will be able to find and regurgitate the stories faster and write articles in milliseconds, art as an industry will implode, fiction/nonfiction books will be filled with regurgitated rhetoric, entire industries will downsize, some by 80-90%! We are a short, decade at the most away from computers actually dominating our lives, they will cease to serve our needs but instead, we will become practically subservient to them in our everyday lives!

    Machines ruling man. That’s the world “they” are making… and corporations, governments, schools, the military, etc. are all marching to the beat of the same drum, without fear for what they are doing to our nation, to our families, to the hearts, souls and spirit of God’s creation!

    So two worlds will start to emerge over the next decade or less: 1. A Techno-culture totally advancing the anti-human agenda of the machine/transhuman age, and 2. A Culture that closely resembles the Amish or Mennonite in that they will so adamantly reject the machines dominance over against God’s creation finding refuge and purpose living in communities off the beaten path, off the tech-grid, striving to preserve the origin that was given to us at Creation – perhaps just like Noah. There will emerge a dramatic withdrawal movement of families who unplug almost entirely from the technology and the AI-controlled internet (of-things) simply because they had no other choice but to either surrender to the machine-world or escape.

    The Intensity of the Rate of Change –

    We are leaving the best of the tech-world behind now. These are the final days of men still ruling over the machines and the world led by conscience and reason (even if it is a little conscience and poor reasoning…) – we are at the precipice of the new world, ruled by an entirely Artificial intelligence, Learning-machines and a very few extremely powerful and unbelievably wealthy elites.

    Can freedom still be found in such a world? Every nation will decide for themselves how far they will allow the machines to crush the will of their people into submission. Some nations will reject the machines for longer but, in my opinion, in the end, they all will fall prey. But the war against humanity will only be half fought by the AI-bots.

    As if it is not bad enough that “they” chose to replace us with machines, they will also make war against our bloodlines. The very building blocks of our seed will be under assault! In the name of curing disease and ending pandemics they will force various protocols upon pregnant women, the seed of men, the reproductive organs of women and worse. Designer children will become main-stream and any and all form of natural pregnancy and birth will be considered practically criminal because the new narrative will be: “they” are allowing the spread of the “corrupted DNA” and refusing our “Engineered Perfection”.

    The war against humanity has begun. They will destroy terribly and almost entirely until they finally realize what they have done…

    Who is to Blame?

    Our pensions funded their research, our 401k’s bought their labs and developed their technologies, our greed and blissful ignorance enabled the greatest evil in the history of recorded time to be unleashed upon the earth. We elected the politicians who passed the laws and created the black ops budgets. We fought in their wars and the best and brightest among us helped to build their machines or war and destruction. In the end, it will not be debated who is to blame but rather, was there anyone who warned us about what was coming… was anyone ever really fighting for truth and God’s law in the past one hundred years!? We will wonder, how did all this come to be?

    At Babel, how many of the builders knew what they were in fact building? How many who developed a small portion of the bombs dropped on Nagaski and Hiroshima knew what they were in fact a part of? Someone is behind all of this wickedness but I’m afraid the number of people actually pulling the strings is much, much smaller than we can imagine. How will we navigate the evil days ahead of us? Who will lead us thru this extremely intense and trying time? Is there anyone among us truly capable?

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    But Salvation will come…

    Which leads us to our only hope of actual salvation: Either God exists and the Bible is true or all hope is lost, humanity itself is lost and the hour-glass of mankind is just about run out. The technologies and the wickedness of men are just that perilous, without a Sovereign and All-Powerful, Loving Creator and God, we are in fact doomed.

    But God does exist! He is Alive right now. The Bible is true. And how much more do we believe it now, seeing these prophesies all unfolding upon the earth!? these things that were spoken of and written down some two thousand years ago!! So we can rest. That is not to say that we fall sleep here at the end of the age and let the urgency of hour pass us by… but rather, to say that we can rest while we witness these end of times events unfolding upon the earth, knowing that God had already told us this is the way the end would come.

    And there is so much work to be done! Knowing that the end of all things is at hand, there are great preparations to be made, our souls must be washed clean, our hearts must be purified and made bright and lovely. We are preparing to meet our Maker! Quite literally! This is exactly what the Bible explains is getting ready to happen upon the earth: Salvation comes to man! And He makes His home again with mere mortals: mere mortals made new!

    We should actually find a way to celebrate! All the pain, all the suffering, the death and destruction is almost over! We should be celebrating as we watch God preparing all things but it’s fearful and hard on the heart. The heart doesn’t have an easy time letting go. This has been the great human tragedy all along: the war against our broken hearts. But it will all be over soon, soon everything will be made new: even our own bodies!

    The Time of the Return!

    It's time to return to God, whose Son, Jesus of Nazareth is The Christ, the Risen Messiah! It’s time to surrender to His love, His truth and mercy and stop following after our fears. The fear has ruled us for long enough. It’s time to allow the love of God to be our way, our truth and our life!! Amen!?

    If not now, here at the end of the world, then when???

    It’s time to return to Him

    And never leave again…

    He has always been the answer But it took all this for us to realize it!

    We’ll thank Him in eternity… We will see so much more clearly and we will Praise Him!

    With love, great concern and empathy,

    Your brother,




    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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