Predicting How America Falls

May 9, 2023
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Historians are averse to using the study of history to be predictive about the future, and journalism tends to talk about what happened with a little bit of why mixed in if those funding them demand they blame something or somebody for the results. Usually, the wrong something or somebody.

This is an article about a difficult topic. In it, I will use some journalism and rely on history to be predictive concerning a truth I see closing in on us all.

I am going to step out on a limb and predict how and why America falls. In December 2022 I wrote about America in 2075, now I will show you what I believe are the necessary steps that will occur to bring about that reality.

Here is what will happen.

1. The collapse of the dollar and our economy. This is brought on by the spending habits in Washington, D.C., and the fact that we have more debt than we can ever pay. This debt is made worse through massive inflation across the country brought on partly by a manufactured virus and the reaction to it of governments at multiple levels. Next came our surrender in Afghanistan and the message of weakness we broadcast that led to Russia invading Ukraine and China salivating after Taiwan. China elevated its game and began the final disassembly of the dollar by aligning with Russia as they use precious metals to back their currencies, expand BRICS1, and help to create trade organizations that do not use the dollar. If you think this will not happen, read the history of Venezuela.

2. The collapse of our military readiness. Our adversaries are more than happy to watch our military destroyed by the hands that are supposed to lead them. I speak of the White House and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Their woke culture drives the good out or silences it while magnifying the ridiculous or divisive. The vax mandate drives out even more. Both actions lead to lowered recruiting standards and a failure to achieve recruiting goals. This means the experience leaves, the replacements are poor quality overall, and even the good quality do not have the experienced people around to train them. Simultaneously Biden and his team send billions of dollars in material to Ukraine without replenishing it here. This is also happening with our allies who will also suffer their own consequences. This administration is working overtime to intentionally cause our military to collapse under the weight of intentional incompetence.

3. The collapse of our culture. There are many ways this will happen. The schools have been hotbeds of communist indoctrination for years, breeding racial division, and sexual perversions. They teach that we are products of biological evolution only – just another happy accident with no real value. For decades we kept too many children ignorant of truth, facts, and reason while removing any mention of God. Rather than being taught to excel, they were taught to blame others and exhibit rage. So, we teach them they are no more than animals, and feign surprise when they act like animals too. Though good Americans are now fighting back, the tipping point is long past, and with a collapsing economy and military, the culture bred by our schools rather than our churches will react the only way they know how when food, water, shelter, and medical access disappear. They will form violent tribes and fight for survival. We have already had a precursor to what that looks like with BLM, ANTIFA, and similar groups. To make matters worse we have unchecked illegal immigration changing the demographics of our country. We watched as the Trojan Horse was built, then helped pull it inside our walls. E pluribus Unum is gone. History is a brutal teacher, and this is what it teaches us whether we like it or not – nations decline slowly and collapse quickly.

4. The collapse of the environment. The green agenda has nothing to do with the environment; in a collapsed America, the environment will suffer greatly. The systems in place that keep America as pristine as possible will cease to function. Survival at all costs will take over and responsibly managing our environment will run a distant second to survival.

And finally

5. The collapse of the greatest nation on earth - by mostly self-inflicted fatal wounds. Who knows what other dominoes will fall around the world as a result?

It is time to come to grips with the very likelihood of this reality. Those of us who have been analyzing trends, patterns, and stated intentions of people and groups for years cannot unsee it. We often debate amongst ourselves whether we should share what we see and be called crazy or tell the truth and prepare as many people as we can in the remaining time.

We are about to enter the most trying time in our nation’s history. The depth of the depravities we could witness on our shores will be determined by how far away from God we walk, or whether we draw nearer to him in the hard times.

There is one thing I pray for more than anything right now - that I am completely wrong.

But, what if I am not?

  1. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are the BRICS nations, a trading block that already agreed to forgo the dollar standard. There are at least 40 more countries pledging to join and do the same.

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Darin Gaub

Lt Col (ret), US Army, Darin Gaub is a Co-founder of Restore Liberty, an international military strategist, foreign policy analyst, executive leadership coach, ordained Bible minister, and serves on the boards of multiple volunteer national and state level organizations. The views presented are those of the author and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or its components. He can be contacted at [email protected]
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    Ben Colder

    I whole heartily agree I have been saying nearly the same thing for a long time one thing that might happen is that the country may break up into three or four small countries that fight among them selves much as Europe did or when the US government fails China may move in or even Mexico that may be part of the reason for the open border we have now one thing for sure we can not go on as we are .I think the dem/communists are all in on this and part of the republican and RINOs

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