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    Smart Moms Don’t Support Gun Bans To Stop Mass Shootings

    May 11, 2023
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    Doctors’ Silence On Transgenderism Is Violence

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    Guest post by Sheila Matthews

    Why? because smart moms know the root cause is a 2.9-billion-dollar mental health industry that is funding the fuel of mass shootings with psychiatric mind-altering drugs.

    Let’s look at the 2022 budgeted that provided 2.9 billion for SAMHSA’ mental health activities, an increase of $1.1 billion over FY 2021 enacted. The largest federal program dedicated to financing behavioral health services is the community mental health service block grants (MHBG), which allocates grants to States to support and enhance community behavioral health systems for individuals with serious mental illnesses. FYI, block grants are not audited and are not required to produce outcome results and are, in essence, blank checks.

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    As moms continue to see the mass shooters are products of the ever-growing broken mental health system that public companies are growing rich from, they know guns are not to be blamed. Let’s take a look at just one example, Henderson Behavioral Health which treated Parkland shooter, Nickolas Cruz. Henderson is 80 percent funded by the State and Federal government. Smart Moms realized that behavioral health vendors walk away with their contracts still intact, after they deemed their client is not a harm to themselves or others; and then their client goes on a shooting spree. We are told they are highly trained and clearly are well paid and yet they just didn’t see it coming. Oh let's not forget, they tell us it is all based in science.

    Smart Moms don’t support banning guns to stop mass shootings, because they see every time there is a mass shooting more money flows into the broken mental health system, just this past March 9, 2022, HHS announced nearly $35 million more into the broken mental health system and the failed psychiatric drug approach. So…. don’t lump all moms into your efforts to ban guns, we just don’t stand with you at all.

    For all the Smart Moms

    Sheila Matthews, Cofounder AbleChild.org

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    Michele Sarkisian

    One of the most important issues of our time and Pharma swoops in to ensure they are protected from exposure of these commonly prescribed dangerous psychotropics. Parents are told kids Must have black box ADHD or depression or anxiety or hormone blocker drugs. Impaired judgment risk is huge. We see it in numerous shootings once medical records and toxicology reports are public. Demand public safety information re Pharma! This is bigger than opioids! Thanks cdm.press and Sheila!


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