• Could This Finally Be The GOP’s Unifying Moment?

    June 11, 2023
    Could This Finally Be The GOP’s Unifying Moment?

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    Originally Posted at www.AmericanRevival.press

    President Biden, the Department of Justice and others of position and authority have just declared war on the US Constitution, the American people and the future of our Republic. Never has a more brazen and lawless act been publicly working against the American people. They are trying to completely remove the leading Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party, the President who legally won but had the 2020 election stolen, President Donald J. Trump. It was terrible 2020 thru to the midterms but this has become now a living nightmare.

    Where is The Speaker of the House? Where is the Chairwoman of the GOP? What about the Presidential Candidates!? The Senators, Congressman, Governors!? There has never been a better moment that could unite us!

    Mike Pence, Gov. Chris Christie, Gov. DeSantis, Senator Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Gov. Nikki Haley, etc. this is your time to unify the party! I pray your love for America outweighs your career-ambitions and personal issues with the President. I pray you have tremendous courage and boldness: to stand against the prevailing tide, to risk your relationships with your mega-donors, to put up your political careers for the sake of the nation! Perhaps this is your moment to shine, to show us, every day average Americans – The Republican Party cares about you and the nation!

    So far it looks to us (every day Americans) like several groups of billionaires at war with each other. We talk about the Russian oligarch’s, the Ukrainian oligarch’s, etc. but what about our elite ruling class!? And where are the Christian Billionaires in all this!? Where on earth is Hobby Lobby? Where is Amway? And Chick-fil-a!? How many outspoken Christian companies are there in this country!? There must be a few Christians in Wall Street? There’s got to be one or two Christian-Hedge-Fund managers!? Where are they!? TBN? CBN? FRC? All these mega-pastors, authors and talk-show hosts - Where on earth are the Christian-elites!? Is everyone content to live for the money!!!?? The whole of our Christian and Godly ruling class has abandoned the nation for… Mammon!? If you have chosen to appease the money over pleasing your God and listening to His Holy Spirit, then you literally sold your soul. And my heart grieves for you – for on that day when you meet Jesus face to face what will you say? How will you possibly look Him in the eyes!?

    Trump won 2020. We have the receipts. But you won’t listen to any of us. If you have decided the American people aren’t smart enough to elect our own leaders, and the ruling class American-oligarch’s must control the elections? then America was lost long ago. But some men don’t care so much about ruling the world. That might be hard for some of you to hear but some of us are content to raise our families, to have food on the table, to worship our God and support the evangelism to the nations. It’s not that we aren’t smart enough, or capable enough to lead, it’s that we have been content to serve mankind in other ways. Hang around the soldiers for a while, HEROS, hang around missionaries sometime, HEROS, hang around some of these who serve the broken-inner cities and homeless, HEROS… the American people aren’t foolish, ignorant or incapable in any way – you have misjudged us – we are good. That’s what you are missing. Your hearts are so hard and dark you can’t see the precious things that are still in this nation every day.

    Most of these politicians live in a bubble with their lobbyists, mega-donors, private clubs and top-secret clearances. But America is worth fighting for! It’s the last sliver of hope, it’s the little bit of light still shining among the nations and you are about the help drive the final nail in her coffin. With American gone? Who comes to lead the world??? I promise it’s dark and it’s evil.

    And they won’t stop with Trump. You, Republicans, are making deals with the devil. You think he won’t turn on you soon enough!? Maybe you bought yourself an escape throughout your lifetime? Maybe? But what about your children, is your heart so hard that can’t Save this country for them!!!? Where will they go when they whole world plummets into tyranny and oppression!? New Zealand!? What island do you think will save your generations!?

    Every time one of you gives in and hires a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Director we give them another small portion of their power. Every time you speak out against your own party, you help them to wage their war, you are giving them momentum, conviction and more coal for their fire. The American people are ready to support your efforts but so few will rise to the occasion, have you surrendered to the demise of our United States so quickly!? Where is the fight in you!? FOR YOUR CHILDREN. FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN!!? What has to happen to pry open that stony heart of yours!?

    This could be our moment to rally behind President Trump. VP Pence, just forgive him. He was never going to be perfect. Betsy DeVos, Chris Christie, Gov. Kemp, etc. you are giving our enemies the power to totally conquer our nation, once and for all!

    We, the American people, are calling on all Presidential Candidates to suspend their campaigns and support our President. It’s all political theatre anyways!! The President is leading in the polls by such margins, none of you have even a slight chance at catching him. Plus, the Lord continually upholds the President. “Why do you kick against the pricks!?” If there is anything good, pure, just, righteous and lovely left in you – RALLY BEHIND YOUR PRESIDENT AND PUT ASIDE YOUR AMBITIOUS PURSUITS FOR THE SAKE OF THE SAVING OF THE NATION!

    They stole the White House in 2020. The stole MANY races in 2022, Kari Lake is only the high-profile case – they stole MANY – we probably won the Senate. But none of you will rally for the nation – 80-90 % of the ruling majority of the Republican party is content to watch them burn this nation to the ground! And why? Because you are getting rich, keeping silent…. You are bought and paid for… How will you explain this to God? You had the power to hold back the evil from covering the earth, you had the position and the reputation and yet you chose the money instead!? I fear for you come the day of judgment.

    But there is a window for repentance now. There is this narrow window of opportunity to shake off your slumber, to repent, to take a stand regardless of how much money you lose in the process, to fight for this nation no matter the cost! Most of you are grandparents anyway! You’ve lived a full-life and experienced the best the world has to offer! The risk is so small, you are in your final years of this life, this is your moment to leave a legacy – but what will it be? Will you be remembered as the Republicans who sold out the nation when we needed Hero’s? Or will you become those Hero’s that God put inside of you to be!? It’s your choice but I am doing my best with my fellow Americans to convince you – Choose Life! And America will live!

    Our forefathers lived with a sense of eternity and so they fought against all odds, bled and won a nation! This is our moment to show all our loved ones what is actually inside of us to give. You can be remembered in this hour as Peter, who repented after he denied the Lord on the night of His betrayal and became the most outspoken early leader of the Church! Or you can be remembered as Judas... To this day, none of us will name our child Judas because of the grief and pain still attached to what he did.

    There was never going to be a perfect man as our President – but a man who would try with all his heart to perfectly lead our nation – that is the man we want! And President Trump – with many of you by his side – did wonders. Perhaps many of the ideas were yours, perhaps his shortcomings warred against your relationship and offended you, perhaps you know how many times you saved him from making detrimental decisions!? But God choose him. God chose Trump to be His instrument to save the nation and in doing so, to give the earth another generation or two. In our arrogance we often think we know better than God but we simply do not.

    “Touch not mine anointed…” says the word of God, “…and do my prophets no harm.” Psalm 105 says, “He rebuked kings for their sake.”

    Which side of history do you want to be on? God is going to fight and win this battle. With you or without you. Just watch what God does to uphold His Word! As Moses said, “Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which He shall show unto you [America] this day…”

    But you are choosing whose side you are on? If you are with the Lord in the Saving of this nation, let it be made known publicly but if you are content strive with our enemy? I fear for you because the Lord is a man of war, He is the Lord of Hosts, the God of Angel Armies and all power remains in His righteous right hand. He has declared the salvation of this nation and Revival! And His word will not be broken. Watch and see.

    I pray these “Christian” and “Elite” and “Republicans” and “Rich” awaken in this late hour to righteousness, for the saving of their souls…

    I’m literally praying right now for you…

    Pray, saints, pray for your President, pray for your country

    Your Salvation is coming!!

    - Robert

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    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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    Wow. I couldn't have said it better. Bless you, Robert. 🙏🙏🙏 Praying for this nation. 🙏

    Gary Judy

    Thank you Robert for an excellent article! This needs to preached from the roof tops!

    The Biden crime family is purposely destroying our nation along with today's democrat party. Anyone who loves this country should be appaled to what the Biden regime is doing ; yet I haven't heard any elected democrat at any level come out against this. Time will tell.

    Gary Judy


    Thank you Robert. I pray every day that all the people of the earth will use the knowledge, wisdom, guidance and understanding that God has provided to live our lives in ways that are right , good , just and peacful, in accordance with God's will. God is the answer but we need a lot more people asking the right questions and accepting Gods response


    When the revolution comes many RINOS will also suffer
    the same ramifications as the traitorous Demoncrats!

    Robert Anthony

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. This really could be the GOP's moment to shine! McCarthy is surprising!! He is doing a phenomenal job speaking the truth! Very encouraging - all things considered. What could the GOP accomplish if they would put their petty differences aside and rally for the nation!! Very revealing who is who while we are watching this most intense assault against our duly-elected President!! Much to be praying about... Robert, AmericanRevivalPress.org

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