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    Are We looking For Revival, Reformation Or Resurrection?

    October 8, 2023
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    Are We looking For Revival, Reformation Or Resurrection?

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    Originally published at American Revival Press

    Where is our Republic? They install leaders of their choosing, they imprison their political dissidents, they control large portions of communications and spew propaganda daily to their subjects, they work against our economy, enriching a small ruling-class even stealing from the workers and poor. We still have many brave in our land but what became of the “home of the free”? If you are on the left side of the political spectrum you can riot, burn down cities, destroy American business at will and you will not only evade jail but in many instances, you will receive compensation!

    How many elections have they stolen in the past 20, 30 or 40 years (plus)? How many elections did they steal in 2022? Is our Republican Speaker of the House legitimately fighting for the nation or is he a plant, an operative, quietly subverting the will of the Patriots, refusing to expose evil and restore the nation!? Did we win the Senate in the 2022 Midterms? How many Gubernatorial races did we actually win in 2022? What was the last election that our Republic was still functioning? Many among the nation are hoping and praying for revival! I am also. Let me tell you a little about the history of revivals throughout the past 130-150 years. These revivals were almost always proceeded by a movement of prayer, repentance and holiness.

    Now, personally, I do not see much of the nation praying, I have been to prayer meetings and kept myself rather attuned to the praying people throughout the nation and the grim reality is, people are simply not flocking to prayer meetings as one would expect at such a desperate hour as this. (I'm hoping there is prayer happening in the unseen places, the prayer-closets and hidden places – but that is difficult to judge.) I do not see much in the way of repentance – church leaders and pastors nationwide are content to point a finger at the-other-side-of-the-isle rather than owning up to the things they could have done differently. And finally, holiness is a quiet and humble message seemingly lost in the wake of fear, hopelessness and doubt spreading throughout Christianity. In my opinion, the fundamentals of what makes revival are simple not present, at least not to date.

    Perhaps the actual thing we should be praying for is reformation? But I fear the voice of the reformers would be drown out by the cries of panic and alarm still present in the hearts of the preachers and leaders throughout the nation: will there be another lock-down? are we headed to WW3, what will become of the economy, etc…. The people are looking for a shelter from the storm, quite frankly, myself included. We are, unfortunately, listening to the forecasting of many within our movement as they explain to us, emphatically, the ruin in the days to come and we are looking for an escape! I fear too many have surrendered completely to the voices of our worries and doubts and therefore faith, hope and love simply cannot gain any traction.

    But we are in desperate need of, first and foremost, a spiritual reformation. Time would fail me if I had to describe the status of the Church at large, especially within our own, “United” States. Allow me a moment to remind us all what true leadership looks like. The best leaders I have ever met throughout my life are empowering, encouraging and inspiring! These true leaders understand that they must duplicate themselves and their efforts into the close-knit team in which they are exhorting, equipping, building-up and sending out. Which bring us to the LORD's clear and definitive style of leadership. Jesus discipled those men intimately, uniquely and thru relationship. Quite frankly, and I say this with grieving and sorrow, our pastors have become a ruling-class-elite all too comfortable separating themselves from the people, pawning off discipleship, mentoring and loving “their” congregations on to other (lower ranking) Christians, often employees and subservient “pastors” on staff. We the people take our ques from our leader – that is a Leadership 101, elementary principal – the leaders set the tone and pace for the rest to follow. If the leaders are content to hide away from the “flock” and amass wealth from tithes and offerings, pawning off their responsibilities to “lower ranking Christians” – what sort of a Christianity will they end up creating?

    I know there is a remnant. I have met many of them. Like when Elijah felt so alone and the LORD corrected him, saying, “There are yet 7,000 who have not bowed a knee to Ba’al”. Elijah was not actually alone. He was incredibly outnumbered, there were millions of Israelites in his day and only a remnant of 7,000 but he was not alone. I’m convinced these percentages also represent modern day Christianity similarly to Elijah’s day. But God has often done wonders with a seemingly insignificant remnant: Gideon's army, David's mighty men, only 12 Apostles, etc. God reminds us over and again, "The Battle is the LORDS!"

    I have run at-risk youth programs, gang-prevention programs, homeless programs, inner-city ministries, military ministries, evangelistic outreaches and more throughout my career as a minister. We had a home church and various prayer groups and home meetings over the years. I have preached at more than 2,000 churches in my life, in 20+ nations, on 5 continents and 30+ US States. These eyes of mine have seen a lot in 20-something years of ministry. And all these years I have witnessed the remnant of God actively engaged in His affairs but also a religious ruling-class elite almost working basically against the salvation of God upon the earth. The body of Christ needs to be aware of this lingering trouble that can be directly traced back to our Messiah’s ministry some 2,000 years ago even when the Pharisee’s rallied the crowd against their Salvation, shouting, “Crucify Him, We have no king but Caesar!”

    False religion continues to stand in the way of the power of God coming to save His people.

    These religious-rulers, like the Pharisees before them, labor to control the narrative, the loyalties of the congregation and the resources of the Church (at large). The Pharisees foreknew, and they spoke it out loud, “If we do not kill Him, He will take away our power, our position and our nation!” And they were right. Jesus came to set the people free…. And yet, how are we still in bondage to a ruling-class, religious-elite, 2000 years later!? They were supposed to serve us, they were supposed to love us, they were supposed to humble themselves “taking on the form of a bondservant” like Christ before them and even washing our feet… How did this happen to His Church? Seems to me that reformation and revival will not come without first a resurrection! The sleeping Church must awaken. We have been lulled into powerlessness by our leaders who simply do not want the competition, they do not want to produce disciples and alive-followers of Jesus but instead attendees to fill their pews and pay their obligations – obligations in the form of tithes and compulsory offerings. But a resurrected Church will no longer allow themselves to be ruled by mere men but they will return to the foundations of their faith: to The Spirit, The Truth, The Word and this most Holy Salvation. They will awaken to the kingdom of God and the reformation and revival will follow them! The power of God will flow from their lips and the glory of God will be revealed from their good works and heavenly signs and wonders! The works that their LORD and Savior did perform the same works shall they perform only greater, for it has been written, “Greater works than these you shall do!”

    Do not be afraid of these men who subjugate you to their own will with cunning and the doctrines of demons. This wicked (false religious) spirit is old and was judged by our Christ long ago when He said, “Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees… you who shut the kingdom of heaven against men.” that same spirit does reign from even a majority of our priests, pastors, false-prophets and “church leaders”. Come away from them and do not partake in their judgment. Remember Matthew 7, “Many will come on that day saying, “Lord, Lord, look at the great works we performed in your name!” But the LORD will respond to them, “I never knew you… workers of iniquity.”

    These are the final hours of this age. This is The Time wherein the mystery of God will be fulfilled and the saints of God will receive the reward. (“Many of the least among you will be the greatest in the kingdom of God…”) If there was ever a time to awaken unto righteousness it is now. Shut your ears to the constant droning of apocalyptic forecasting and bad news. Turn your eyes away from those things that cause you to fear and doubt the salvation of your God and come alive! “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.”

    “Father, blow the Spirit of life upon your Church! Make us to come alive, awaken us as a man is awakened out of His sleep. Rise us above the storm even as an eagle does fly above the clouds without fear or worry for the future. Free us from the mere will of men and turn our hearts desire over to pleasing our Father and living our days in His will. Let your will be done in our lives. Free the people from the bondage they so easily succumb to. (“Who the Son sets free is free indeed.”) Only You can do this Father.” God showed Ezekiel a valley of dry bones. The Prophets response was, “Who can cause these dry bones to live?” God replied, “Prophesy to these bones Ezekiel…”. As Ezekiel prophesied the Spirit of the Living God blew upon those dead men’s bones and flesh started to appeared upon them! They started to rise up and men came to stand before the prophet were there was once only empty bones. It was a mighty army! We might be dried up and dead bones but the Spirit of God can blow upon us and make us into the force to defeat the darkness once and for all!

    Only God can do such a thing. And He will. He promised.

    “LORD, Resurrect Your Church!

    Bring us to Life! And we shall LIVE!”

    The Greatest Move of God is yet to come. That’s why I continue to prophesy: THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Believe, Remnant of God.

    The Spirit is about to blow upon these dead bones!! Amen. And no force on earth or in hell below will be able to stop us

    Believe Church, Your salvation is coming! With the utmost love and affection,

    I minister to the saints, Robert Anthony.

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    Robert Anthony

    Robert Anthony is the author of “Jesus did not Start a Religion” at Amazon or www.JesusNotReligion.org. Robert is also the Senior Editor for American Revival Press, www.arpress.org
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