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    War Is Not The Only Answer - Global Peace Negotiations Need To Happen Now

    October 20, 2023
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    Image by Marko Kafé

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    Collateral damage of innocent lives is unacceptable anymore as world leaders shuttle back and forth and hopscotch from one world capital to another to figure out how to respond to the conflicts between Ukraine/Russia and NATO and Hamas/Israel and the Arab world, and beyond. 

    Following Joe Biden’s feckless warmongering address from the Oval Office on Thursday under the veil of proffering his unwavering support for Israel and Ukraine and beyond by requesting the U.S. Congress to approve his $100 billion war package without accountability without calling for peace talks to resolve these conflicts as they expand, is morally repugnant and morally unacceptable. 

    President Joe Biden has put forth his foreign policy efforts to connect Israel to Ukraine, and further to the Indo-Pacific conflict between China and Taiwan. 

    Joe Biden is for war. He is not for peace. 

    Biden is pushing for an expanded world war and this needs to come to a screeching halt.  

    Peace negotiations needs to held now.

    Joe Biden is a feckless leader and his administration is morally bankrupt to put the blame on others when it has funded Palestinian groups that educate Palestinian schools to hate Jews. 

    That fuels fire in the hearts of a population where nearly 2/3 are 25 years and younger as they are in Palestine. 

    Biden's administration has fueled hatred claiming Russia is totally responsible for the Ukraine conflict when the Obama and Biden’s administrations and Biden’s family has been mired in controversial deals and those administrations have always wanted to get rid of Putin. 

    Obama and Biden administrations have been mired in a foreign policy to overthrow global leaders at their behest for natural resources or because they see them as despots that need to be removed all the while sacrificing the lives of the innocent from Ukraine to MENA during the Arab Spring.

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    These wars are expanding and it is time for all leaders to go the negotiating table and end this utter madness. 

    The best person to lead these peace negotiations may be King Abdullah III in Jordan.   

    The cost is to innocent citizens must be represented at the table. Cooler heads must prevail to put massive pressure on world leaders to bring these wars to an end to negotiate peace. 

    Compromise will be hard, but not as hard as they deem it to be because  the fallout is huge and expanding fast. 

    World leaders’ lack of moral leadership is profoundly lacking. Seasoned allies must demand a sustainable ceasefire and peace talks begin. 

    Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with airstrikes on Thursday, including in southern Gaza, where Palestinians were told to move to and take refuge, as the Israeli Defense Minister ordered ground troops to prepare to see Gaza “from the inside.”

    Doctors inside Gaza are now operating in darkened wards performing surgeries with mobile phones lights and using vinegar for infected wounds as President Biden threw the US weight behind Israel and pledged humanitarian support for Gaza and to Ukrainian President Zelensky.  

    Biden’s lack of moral leadership for peace should be rejected immediately. 

    Holy Catholic Church in northern Gaza City is housing Palestinians who were not able to go south and it is now under siege with no electricity or water. Some Gazan residents are eating one meal a day and drinking dirty water. 

    The conditions at Gaza’s second-largest hospital “has deteriorated,” said Dr. Mohammed Qandeel of Nasser Hospital in the southern town of Khan Younis. Power was shut off in most of the hospital and medical staff there are using mobile phones light.

    At least 80 wounded civilians flew through the doors of the hospital after a strike a residential building. The hospital has no more operable ventilators.

    The Gaza Health Ministry is pleading with gas stations to give fuel to hospitals.

    In response, U.N. officials inside Gaza are now donating its fuel to Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital to “keep us going for another few hours,” said its hospital director Mohammed Abu Selmia. 

    Typical in war zone, where one side accuses and blames the other, the Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said Hamas has stolen fuel from U.N. facilities and Israel wants assurances that won’t happen. 

    That is a prime example of FOG of WAR blames.

    Good luck on that assurance. 

    “We can’t save more lives if this keeps happening,” Hagari said.

    Near al-Ahli Arab Hospital, another explosion struck a Greek Orthodox church housing displaced Palestinians late Thursday, resulting in deaths and dozens of wounded. 

    Abu Selmia, the Shifa Hospital Director General, said dozens were hurt and many are buried under the rubble at the Church of Saint Porphyrios.

    Nearly a million or more Palestinians - half of Gaza’s population - have fled their homes in the north to the south after Israel told them to evacuate, crowding into U.N.-run schools-turned-shelters and relatives’ homes.

    For the first time since Israel captured Gaza from Egypt in 1967, a major tent camp has risen like a phoenix in the sand to house the displaced.

     U.N.-provided tents now line a dirt lot in Khan Younis.

    World leaders are pledging aid. 

    That is not the only answer. That is reactive responses. 

    We need pro-active responses for peace.  

    World leaders must go upstream and demand a sustainable ceasefire and put the 'elders’ in the room and stop these wars. 

    Peace negotiators need to be locked in a room to end these massacres. 

    War is not the only answer. 



    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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