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    How Can People This Totally Stupid Continue To Exist?

    January 28, 2024
    Image by Jeremy Bostwick

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    I have come to the depressing conclusion that the white ethnicities that constituted the nations of Western Civilization have degenerated into such insouciance and stupidity that they have no possibility of survival.  They sit mindlessly in front of TV absorbing their brainwashing and indoctrination.  They can’t pay their rent, mortgage or car payments, but they pay endlessly for care of immigrant-invaders who are overwhelming their communities with material needs.

    In the US, North Carolina, once a Southern state, now an immigrant staging ground, has given over its high schools to serve as immigrant-invader “resettlement areas.”  To Hell with the North Carolina taxpayers. Immigrant-invaders’ rights preempt those of North Carolina taxpayers, whose majority white population, according to the narrative,  consists of white supremacist racists exploiters.  https://thepostmillennial.com/north-carolina-high-school-to-close-make-way-for-newcomer-school-for-refugees-families#google_vignette 

    North Carolina has also, at taxpayers’ expense, built a campus for a “head’s start” program for children of immigrant invaders. The program takes over a former school property for NC American citizens.  https://www.wect.com/2023/07/07/ribbon-cutting-event-planned-east-coast-migrant-head-start-projects-new-campus/ 

    To read more visit Paul Craig Roberts.

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    There needs to be legislation to fine companies “HARSHLY “ for hiring these illegal invaders… they are destroying “AMERICANS” life’s!!!! They live 10 to a apartment, spending $25 month to live and in most cases living free off OUR tax’s… it’s pure BULLSH*T!
    Better yet.. DEPORT!

    Last edited 1 month ago by Buckeyenut65

    A per head bounty for no hablas would work better. Put those tax dollars to good use for a change.


    I keep telling my dumb pals: You can't let every rascal in this world take a dump on you. In this world you gotta blow your own horn. But they learned in college to be sweet, respectful and accepting. Poor goof boxes misinterpreted Darwin--believe because they have higher grades and technical competence they are the 'fittest' and highly equipped to usher in an unprecedented 'fairness'. They can't comprehend that the 'ignorant' minorities perceive them as kine.


    It's soon to be ILLEGAL to be white....

    Now what?


    It's 40 years past the time whites should have organized!! BUT one simple word shames the brainwashed masses into inaction. Want to call me a racist? Thank you! That means that I value my heritage slightly more than others. We know what's coming, and I hope we are preparing accordingly. UNITE! Join an organization that seeks to restore our once great republic to it's former glory where whites are not marked for genocide. Patriot Front is an excellent organization that promotes our values.


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