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    Time For The Ugly American Joe Biden To Stop His LGBTIQ+, DEI, and COVID-19 Colonial Propaganda Overseas

    May 21, 2024
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    Joe Biden is insulting America and the world with his global push to normalize the LGBTIQ+ campaign in foreign governments. America is fully aware that this is the continuation of the Obama administration’s policy and that the progressives are contributing millions of dollars to Biden and progressive democrats, as they did during the Obama campaigns. The difference now is that the Biden Administration is using disinformation and misinformation, Russia, COVID-19 to propagate the Biden administration’s propaganda. 

    Biden’s latest efforts are focused on the African continent, specifically African journalists and African children. It is no different than the dangerous situation that Americans have witnessed in U.S. legacy media.

    What happened in America reached a crescendo during the 2020 election and the COVID-19 era when the Biden Administration intentionally lied about COVID-19’s origin, the Hunter Biden laptop from hell, the election fraud, and the network’s complicity to not report on the COVID-19 hospital protocols that resulted in deaths and the COVID-19 vaccinations injuries which include cardio, vascular and neurological injuries. 

    In short, now, Biden and his cohorts want to do what they have done in the U.S. in Africa, and this is not the first time that the Biden-like democrats have done this. 

    During the Obama administration, in which Biden served as Vice-President, this same model was applied to foreign countries and led by then U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through U.S.A.I.D. 

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    In those days, the so-called civil societies, which Clinton bragged about meeting on her foreign trips, were gathered in foreign countries and trained how to use social media to hold their governments accountable. That was the stated reason. 

    The truth was that those civil dissidents were trained on social media on how to get rid of their leaders, whom the Obama administration deemed to be despots. 

    That was what the Arab Spring, otherwise known as the Arab Rising, was all about over 10 years ago that resulted in the targeting of Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya. 

    The Biden administration now is continuing this monstrous model with $500,000 of U.S. taxpayer dollars going to Africa to supposedly help journalists counter disinformation and youth recognizing truth in fake news.

    Africans should realize that this has nothing to do with disinformation but the Biden’s administration’s attempt to control the information that the Biden administration wants Africans to accept as truth. 

    It is propaganda-training for political influence and control. This is morally wrong and every African journalist should be fully aware that we journalists in America are fully informed on the Obama-Biden game in play. 

    The U.S. government is offering $500,000 to steer Africa in the name of disinformation. Biden’s administration will spend $250,000 to organize a training on so-called understanding and countering disinformation for African journalists.

    The “stated” goal is to ensure accurate and responsible reporting with a series of workshops that will train African journalists to understand and identify misinformation/disinformation and its impact, recognize red flags and manipulative tactics and help them master ethical reporting. 

    The training will be conducted virtually in French and English over six months and will consist of online presentations and dialogues between American experts and the African audience. 

    “The extensive spread of false information poses a significant obstacle to the stability and prosperity of African nations,” the government’s grant announcement states, adding that “a clear correlation exists between the extent of disinformation and societal unrest. False narratives have directly incited violent conflicts, supported political turmoil, intimidated members of civil society into silence, and obscured acts of corruption and exploitation. These actions have tangible repercussions, eroding the rights, freedoms, and security of African populations. Furthermore, rapid advancements in technology pave the way for AI-driven content to further sow seeds of distrust and disorder within democratic systems,” reads the grant page.

    Another $250,000 will go to help empower youth, young adults, educators, community leaders, and organizers with the skills and knowledge to effectively counter misinformation and disinformation. 

    The U.S. will fund a series of workshops, also virtually in French and English over six months, to help young Africans understand media literacy and identify bias. 

    The Biden administration’s handpicked American experts will teach these Africans supposedly how to evaluate sources, recognize types of media and guide them in identifying propaganda and fake news. The workshops will emphasize the impact of disinformation such as the effects it has on public opinion, democracy and social cohesion. 

    “In Africa, the rise of disinformation, accelerated by digital technology, demands urgent media literacy initiatives among youth,” the U.S. grant announcement states, repeating that the escalation in false information correlates directly with societal unrest and democratic erosion. 

    “With over 60% of Africa’s population under 25, empowering youth with media literacy skills is critical,” the document further notes.

    Earlier this year the Biden administration warned about Russian efforts to spread disinformation in Africa, especially involving U.S. and western health initiatives in the world’s second-largest continent. 

    “Foreign information manipulation” is a critical threat around the world and a dangerous destabilizing tactic, the State Department warned.

    That part of the grant statement is true, but what the Biden Administration is not stating is that the Biden administration lies wrapped in diplomacy. 

    Africans do not need Joe Biden and his progressive views invading Africa. It is an insult to Africa and its colonial past by European rule and Arab v. Sub-Saharan strifes. 

    What the Biden administration is not admitting is that this is just their game because the African countries are pushing back on the World Health Organizations’ (W.H.O.) move in play now to usurp national sovereignties globally, which if approved this month puts every nation on earth under the W.H.O.’s control for the PHARMA industry’s vaccinations that have wrecked deadly havoc on the African continent for decades. 

    It would be deadly for African journalists to depend upon anything the Biden administration is trying to sell African journalists at this point.  The Biden administration has no credibility on youth protection, media, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, or even human trafficking, including medical trafficking. 

    Furthermore, African parents should not want the Biden Administration training their youth. Joe Biden announced June 2022 by executive order that he is throwing the entire weight of the federal government behind his LGBTIQ+ policies and it is wreaking havoc for American families. The U.S. has books in primary schools for children on anal, oral, and vaginal sex. Parents’ rights are being destroyed across America when they object. 

    This is not the first time the Biden Administration has played this disinformation game on foreign soil. 

    The Biden administration in February 2024 dedicated $50,000 to counter disinformation in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan by training journalists with handpicked “U.S. subject matter experts” with a mandate of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA).

    The goal was to empower journalists in Pakistan with the skills and knowledge to effectively counter misinformation and disinformation, ensuring accurate and responsible reporting, according to Biden’s administration. Grant recipients had to submit proposals that show their program will advance the principles of DEIA related to race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion and sexual orientation as well as underserved communities.

    Perhaps, that was just the stated reason. After all, the Biden administration had targeted former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan after he visited Vladimir Putin in Russia in early 2014 and orchestrated a no confidence vote and now, Khan is in prison. The U.S. has denied it but the evidence leads to a different conclusion, as reported by the Intercept in August 2023. 

    These types of projects began domestically with a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) panel known as the Disinformation Governance Board early in the Biden administration, which was only dismantled after a major backlash in the U.S. although more overt actions are still in play in the U.S. 

    Millions in DHS terrorism prevention grants have gone to combat “misinformation and disinformation” and to create media disinformation networks worldwide. Large sums have also gone to related projects such as fighting science misinformation and misperceptions in black communities and, of course, COVID-19 misinformation, especially involving minorities and vaccines.

    It is time for the world to reject Joe Biden - the Ugly American and his liberal fascism. 



    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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