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    Alt-Tech Movement: Utopia P2P Decentralized Network Alternative

    August 18, 2021
    Alt-tech Movement: Utopia P2P Decentralized Network Alternative

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    Online surveillance, censorship, hacker attacks, and other online threats are growing exponentially. These are no longer just words. This is the reality that each of us faces daily.

    No one knows precisely what forces are behind these round-the-clock internet intrusions. No one is sure that these are states, commercial companies, or hackers. Perhaps there are more serious forces, and it is beneficial for them to know everything about us and control our every online step.

    -How can we deal with this unknown force? 

    IT enthusiasts from all over the world decided to unite and created the Alt-tech movement. Alt-tech is a group of various social media platforms and websites that advocate for internet freedom – the absence of online surveillance and censorship.

    This group already has dozens of different internet resources, which are joined every day by more and more internet users who want to exist online without third-party control.

    The Alt-tech movement community has already chosen the Utopia P2P ecosystem as an alternative to current internet networks. The ecosystem has made a step towards creating a “decentralized internet 3.0” and has succeeded in many ways. 

    Utopia is an anonymous decentralized platform that does not track users' activity or restrict their freedom and self-expression, and does not cooperate with government agencies. As a result, the ecosystem is free from censorship, ads, or surveillance. Furthermore, it ensures the anonymity of registration and the anonymous use of all built-in tools.

    The reasons for the Alt-tech movement

    GPS, PRISM, XKeyscore, Twitter, Facebook, and so on are applications and programs that monitor you constantly. They know everything about you and have been storing this data for years. At any time, at the request of the NSA or any other authority, your data is transferred and used in the interests of the state and commercial organizations.

    Unfortunately, today the internet war for user data is more terrible than the war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country where military operations are currently taking place. Because in the online world, the enemies are almost unrecognizable. But who is behind them, and who needs our data? That's the real question.

    It is more difficult to answer the questions than it is to come up with a way to anonymize all online users. To do this only requires the development of anonymous and encrypted platforms that are completely free from surveillance, data collection, and censorship.

    Therefore, the emergence and popularization of such a movement as Alt-tech is quite logical.

    What is an Alt-tech anonymous platform for secure internet activities?

    The main thing that unites all the projects of the Alt-tech movement is the privacy of both data and developers. After all, if no one knows who created a particular platform, app or space, it is difficult to influence either the developers or the users. Therefore, creators of independent sites remain anonymous to avoid external influence.

    For instance, the 1984 Group — a close-knit team of IT specialists and cypherpunks who were among the first to ask questions about the security and privacy of internet users. Following the global news of data leakage and the increased frequency of hacker attacks, as well as widespread online surveillance and censorship, they decided to create a platform that would allow every user to feel safe on the internet.

    Today, Utopia P2P is a ready-made and functioning project successfully used by thousands of people worldwide. It competes with many popular internet platforms, including various messengers, emails, browsers, and even cryptocurrencies. However, Utopia provides both greater freedom for users and greater protection.

    As already mentioned, the registration and use of the ecosystem is completely anonymous: you do not need to enter a phone number, email, or name. The ecosystem itself generates a unique key that opens access to all its features.

    Utopia P2P promotes freedom of speech, actions, and decisions. Its audience is a wide array of different representatives of the online community. So, the ecosystem is suitable for any internet user who values privacy and anonymity on the internet. 

    It is a unique platform because it combines several built-in tools that provide confidential communication and data transfer through instant uMessenger and uMail. Each of these tools have additional data encryption technology. Also, there is an option of adding the multimedia files to messages or sending branded stickers. 

    People who are tired of constant internet surveillance will find the anonymous Idyll browser convenient and useful. All online experiences can be provided with an anonymous surfing of added or created web pages. Plus, everyone can use the API function and mirror some web pages or host them anonymously.

    The developers have also designed the ecosystem with its own means of payment — Crypton (CRP) coins. CRPs can be mined in the ecosystem through eco-friendly mining capability. All mined Crypton coins can be changed, sold, or withdrawn using the internal Utopia crypto exchange

    Recently, a strong and friendly community has formed around Utopia. They support the work of the ecosystem and the spirit of an independent platform. Within the ecosystem, users create various public channels and groups where they discuss the latest news without censorship. 

    It is not yet clear whether the Alt-tech movement will be able to eclipse popular social media forever. But as for Utopia, it is more or less clear. Even now, it can provide security, anonymity, and privacy for each of us.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Seems like new era in alt-tech had finally come. I've seen alternatives to popular services like Twitter or YouTube, but never thought that there's something complex. I've made a little research and found out that there are no cases of data leak or any other similar scandal. The only point that bothers me is a closed source, but it's not a disaster also. I'll probably give it a try.


    Unfortunately, in 2021, you can get data security and the opportunity to express your thoughts freely only using sites like GAB. Nevertheless, it's cool that there is another one, I will be happy to test it. Thanks.


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