AUDIO: Heartland Financial De-banks Mike Lindell Companies And Charities - Support My Pillow Now More Than Ever!

January 14, 2022

Cancel Culture Strikes Again! Don't Support The Coup, Buy Your Household Goods From Mike With Over 600 Products!

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Minnesota Bank & Trust of Hearland Financial has de-banked Mike Lindell companies and charities with a week to find another banking provider. The stated reason was 'reputational risk' and a desire not to be in the news. We don't think that last goal will be accomplished as the alternative media is on fire with this news.

You can listen to the calls made from the bank to Lindell's management team below.

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Mike Lindell of has been banned from most of the corporate communist big-box retailers, but he is coming out the winner! Many of these CCP-supporting store chains are closing locations left and right due to falling demand.

Below is recent feedback we received from a reader on his positive experience with an order from MyPillow.

Mike Lindell provides very high quality, quick delivery and you're not supporting the coup! Go too and check out the over 600 products!

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"I ordered a king mattress maybe 4-5 weeks ago and they gave us sheets and pillows. For at least a week I was not impressed with the pillow. Let me tell you that’s changed. It’s only become more comfortable for me and it hasn’t changed. My mind has. The sheets were incredible. They feel super expensive. Sheets are sheets, right? But those pillows. I didn’t know the price until I just saw this ad because they came with a mattress.
Buy the pillows if you are ready to get the pillows. They’re true winners. They’re longer than you’d expect but they gave us the pillow cases in the deal. I was glad to find a way to support M. L. but I didn’t think at the time I’d be the bigger winner. I won in our little sell/buy deal. TY.
As for the mattress? we love it. In fact, we love everything they shipped.




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    2 comments on “AUDIO: Heartland Financial De-banks Mike Lindell Companies And Charities - Support My Pillow Now More Than Ever!”

    1. They are sucking Bidens ass so when they go belly up they can get bailed out like biden did the other grifting scumacrats


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