The My Pillow Down Comforter...That Warm, Cozy Feeling Like Sleeping Over At Grandma's House!

April 4, 2022
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A reader sent in the following testimonial after purchasing a My Pillow down comforter with the CDM promo code.

"I ordered the My Pillow down comforter several weeks ago as we needed new bedding for our king size bed. I have trouble sleeping at night due to post nasal drip; I think its related to allergies. It's very hard to sleep with my problem so a good night's rest is a luxury for me.

"I refuse to buy from the big-box retailers any more after the coup in 2020.

"With the heat on during winter, the air in our bedroom is very dry, exacerbating my issue. It also makes me snore.


"When the comforter arrived I was amazed at how lite and fluffy it is. I didn't think it would keep my wife and I warm, but boy was I wrong!

"It was like childhood memories of sleeping at Grandma's house, with those warm, snuggly blankets she always used to have.

"My wife now keeps the window open during the winter and we sleep wonderfully under the comforter without the heat off. It's the best of both worlds! Fresh air and a warm night's sleep!

"I haven't had a bad night's rest in weeks!

"Thank you My Pillow for a wonderful product!"



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