Newest COVID-19 Symptom: Elder Abuse?

COVIDicators continue harming our elders

The videos that emerged this week from Michigan, showing the 20-year-old Jaydon Hayden repeatedly punching elderly patients inside a nursing home have shaken America. The self-proclaimed Black Supremacist, filmed himself on multiple occasions senselessly beating senior white patients inside the Westwood Nursing Center.

The videos are disturbing enough, but the questions that have to be asked now is the real scandal. 

Gateway Pundit has just released information regarding the reason behind Hayden, a military-age, active and objectively strong male, would be treated as a patient at a facility that is designed for the elderly in the first place. And how could he beat multiple elderly patients, causing injuries to the extent that medical professionals had to treat them, and no flags were raised about their cause or the racist, bloodsport boxer housed with them.

GP snagged this interview with Hayden’s father who has confirmed that his son was being quarantined at the Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit after testing positive for the Chinese coronavirus.

“The father said his son is not vicious, but that he just has mental health issues.

And the father then said this, “He said his son called 911 and was taken to a mental health facility in Ann Arbor. Last Wednesday, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and said he was supposed to be taken to another facility to be quarantined.”

Gateway Pundit

 And that is at a direct order of Michigan Governor Whitmer. 

Gov. Whitmer and other Democrat governors have recently come under fire after their similarly worded executive orders have forced CoV+ patients into state-run nursing homes, intentionally making other patients sick and exposing the most vulnerable, senior citizens, to a virus that has been proven most deadly to adults over 80 years old. 

When I first came across these anti-health measures, I foolishly assumed that they were only directing other elderly patients into these nursing homes. But the newest revelation about Jaydon Hayden confirms an even more diabolical plot - under threat of law, Democrat governors have successfully weaponized the coronavirus to cause more damage than it would otherwise. 

This was never an attempt to quarantine sick patients, it is biological warfare on American civilians. What Governor Whitmer and Company have done is a violation of international law under the Geneva Convention. Hayden was strategically placed in a facility in an attempt to further spread the virus, costing the lives from tens of thousands of seniors, in order to ease the burden that our elderly populations place on state resources like Medicaid.

Read Governor Whitmer's directive below and consider the reality that her measures were intended to cause harm, not assist public health:

Operation Gridlock: Stay At Home Order Causes Huge Protest In Michigan

Operation Gridlock: Thousands of protesters in vehicles gridlock city in defiance of stay at home order/Twitter

Michigan residents don't appreciate the government overreach by Concerned Karens and are out in the thousands today to protest Gov. Whitmer’s totalitarian shutdown.  

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan used a swipe of her pen to tell her residents to stay home. After weeks of impact by her overreach with the coronavirus shutdown, tens of thousands of Michigan citizens are responding to her demand by gridlocking the entire capitol city of Lansing.

A large sign now hangs from the Capitol buiding which reads “SECURITY WITHOUT LIBERTY IS CALLED PRISON”, the sentiment the mass of protestors are sharing. 

YouTube screenshot

Over 220,000 people have already signed an online petition to recall Gov. Whitmer (D) over her totalitarian stay-at-home executive order which is littered with unconstitutional directives. Her newest order has begun dissecting the businesses that were remaining open during the shutdown by controlling what inventory they can sell. 

One viral example is that the gardening sections of large retailers are being roped off and customers are being told that they can’t buy the seed still stocked on the shelves despite no inclination that gardeners, who practice a hobby with natural social distancing, are a reason that Detroit has seen an increase in the number of Wuhan virus patients.

Whitmer took to 3rd Hour Today to defend her authoritarian overreach by using snow as a justification why people don’t need gardening supplies right now. 

Maybe she doesn’t grasp how the people of her state, who are also familiar with the April Michigan weather, need to start sprouting indoors. Either way, it’s easy to see why she’s so comfortable trying to make it a punchline. Gretchen Whitmer’s pushback had until then only been 200k internet people on a site, which is meaningless as a real state recall.

The tens of thousands of protesters blaring their car horns, the universal language of anger, around the state capitol right now will be harder to ignore or blame on astroturfing.

The Darling Despot previously brushed off the criticism she’s been receiving from the online petition and from the six Michigan U.S. House Republicans who have signed a passionate, 10-page congressional letter on Tuesday with very specific changes to her order they say is “far too restrictive”. 

In a Tuesday telephone town hall, Whitmer extended herself enough to acknowledge that people were stressed and "lashing out a bit."

"I am mindful of the hardship that’s been imposed on people; I know what this has done to our economy. But at the end of the day, I’ve got to listen to medical experts to know when and how it's safe to reengage our economy. And that’s precisely what I’m going to do.”

Gov. Whitmer 4/14/2020

Gov. Whitmer fails to realize that the people of Michigan didn’t elect “medical experts” to run their government and so, the disastrous effects that result directly from the shutdown will rest squarely with her. The medical experts have no accountability or need to see anything outside the lens of public health, but Whitmer must consider the entire picture.

Governors like Whitmer have lost sight of their objective. The shutdown was intended to “flatten the curve” or not overwhelm hospitals and give them time to prepare. It was implied that shutdowns would be lifted when the initial surge was handled, but now we have outlets like CNN and Forbes promoting ideas that we will have remain in quarantine until into 2022

“Listen to the medical experts” is spread by the same lips who called “the science is settled!” regarding climate change in order to promote socialist policies like government control of energy sources. When it comes to huge, complex economic issues, the smoothbrains that can simplify a general election into #VoteBlueNoMatterWho are controlling the narrative. And now state powers are using it to dismiss any attempt at discussing opening the economy until such said experts all agree it is safe. 

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