Donald Trump Hints His 2024 Presidency Announcement Will be Made At Mar-a-Lago On November 15

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Donald Trump’s last campaign speech ended in Vandalia, Ohio at the Dayton, Ohio airport. At the end, the former president announced he will announce a “very big announcement at Mar-A-Lago” on November 15th. It is expected that former President Trump will announce his run for the 2024 presidency. 

Trump arrived in Ohio to support J.D. Vance for his U.S. Senate race. 

While there, Trump took on President Joe Biden’s first term record and where the Democratic National Party is pulling the country. 

His criticism follows in the footsteps of Biden remarks in Pennysylvania campaigning for democrats and exclaiming that the shutting down of the U.S. coal industry while espousing the launch of solar and wind, as his administration has for electric cars in recently months that are unaffordable for most Americans.

But, Trump did not stop with energy, he called upon Americans to focus on the “tested race and gender insanity” in the U.S.

“This county has gone crazy,” said Trump. “Vote Republican for a giant red wave,” continued, Trump. 

“Our invasion on our southern border is the worst border in the history of the world,” exclaimed Trump. “Our country is becoming a third world. We are in the world of communism.”

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Trump reminded the voters that human trafficking and drugs are pouring into America. He claimed that he told China’s Chairman Xi to stop sending drugs into America and called for instead of doubling IRS agents that the U.S. should be doubling the number of ICE agents to make America safe again. 

Trump called for the death penalty of drug dealers and human traffickers and for allowing “police to do their jobs,” while calling Biden and his handlers for turning the U.S. into a “police state” calling it a “left-wing tyranny.” 

“Inflation should not have happened,” shouted Trump.  

Citing favorable polls from Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma where Trump today allegedly beats Biden, the former president teased his crowd and those watching him online that he may announce his presidential 2024, but he fell short of that while stating that Biden had caused more damage than any of the five worst presidents. 

After acknowledging, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH), Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), My Pillow businessman Mike Lindell and others, Trump pivoted to slamming those who want to crush parental rights, indoctrinate children with critical race theory and transgenderism, and deny free speech. 

“And, in 2024, we are going take back our magnificent White House,” shouted Trump. 

Calling Joe Biden the “worse president in our history and cognitively impaired,” Trump ended his speech stating he did not want to detract from Election Day voting but, would be making an announcement on November 15 hinting at his 2024 presidential announcement at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach after reminding the audience of candidates across America in various races from senators to gubernatorial candidates that he has endorsed.

Ohio State Capitol Censors Websites Promoting Medical Freedom/Free Speech During Vaccine-Injury Conference

Ohio State Capitol Censors Websites Promoting Medical Freedom/Free Speech During Vaccine-Injury Conference

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CDMedia and Children's Health Defense held an event next to the rotunda in the Ohio State Capitol building today focusing on passing HB 631 to enshrine medical freedom in the state.

While streaming the event live, CDM noticed multiple websites were being blocked when being logged into the wifi network provided to the public in the building.

The list of sites blocked included the free speech social media network as well as one of the sponsors of the event - the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

Upon investigation, we learned that Legislative Information Services (LIS) is responsible for the building wifi system.

When calling the group, and speaking to Director Kurt McDowell, we learned the building uses a third party vendor (Palo Alto Networks) that handles blacklisting certain websites. The above mentioned domains were labeled 'extremism' and therefore blocked.

I asked how this could happen in the Ohio 'people's house', and McDowell declared, "You don't have to use it, we're not censoring anyone."

So to summarize, you have the Ohio State House Leadership staff arrogantly blocking the free speech of Ohio citizens in the people's house.

This is unconstitutional and simple tyranny.

Ohio citizens should be outraged and should confront their legislators to stop this travesty of free speech.

Ohio State Capitol Censors Websites Promoting Medical Freedom/Free Speech During Vaccine-Injury Conference

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LIVESTREAM REPLAY: Ohio State House 5/4/22 Children's Health Defense Ohio Chapter/CDMedia Promote Medical Freedom To Legislators

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Children's Health Defense Ohio Chapter and CDMedia headline an all day panel at the Ohio State House to promote medical freedom to Ohio legislators.

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Ohio Political Coverage - Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Blystone

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Host Christine Dolan speaks with Ohio GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Blystone about his preparations for the May 3rd primary election.

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LIVE: President Donald Trump Rally In Delaware, OH 4/23/2022 @ 7PM ET

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Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 12:00 ET Join the RSBN Crew LIVE from Delaware, OH for all-day coverage as President Donald J. Trump holds a Save America Rally.
President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will Deliver remarks at 7:00 PM EDT.

Delaware County Fairgrounds
236 Pennsylvania Ave
Delaware, OH 43015

Timeline of Events:
8:00 AM – Parking and Line Opens
2:00 PM – Doors Open and Entertainment Begins
4:00 PM – Pre-program Speakers Deliver Remarks
7:00 PM – 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks

Tune into RSBN's 24/7 live stream featuring archive content from events we've covered to give light on TRUTH and Patriotism in our great country!

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IO Episode 46 - Interview With OH Senate Candidate Josh Mandel On What's Wrong With GOP

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Host L Todd Wood discusses what's wrong with the GOP, and the Establishment, with OH Senate Candidate Josh Mandel.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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BREAKING: Ohio GOP Suppresses Populist Candidates At Trump Rally

BREAKING: Ohio GOP Suppresses Populist Candidates At Trump Rally

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GOP Suppression Highlights

Saturday, June 26, Donald J. Trump held what he called his “first rally back” in Wellington, Ohio. Though only advertised for a few weeks, the event drew tens of thousands of people. Conservative estimates put the total at 25-30,000 while some locals estimated as high as 100,000 people.

It was the perfect day—not too hot, a light breeze, and clouds just whimsy enough to make the blue sky bright in evening sun. There were people everywhere—the stream kept pouring in and going through the scanners, even after Trump had been speaking for an hour.

“We arrived late. Gave up on trying to get free parking. Paid $13 at some concrete place [to park]….walked 1.5 miles. But made it,” was the way one attendee described his experience.

The crowd was wild with the excitement at seeing Trump and being together. Chants of “Audit the vote,” “Four more years,” and “We love you!” rang through the evening air. People danced to the music, booed at the fake media, and held up signs of support for Trump and our Country. It was a good place to be on a Saturday evening.

But unknown to most of the crowd, the GOP was in firm control of what candidates and their supporters did at the event.

Citizen Candidates Are Sidelined by GOP

Citizen candidate campaign workers showed up early to promote their candidates. Along the drive to the parking area, their signs and volunteers were everywhere. But as soon as one entered the rally area, it was like these candidates didn’t exist. These conservative candidates and their supporters were faced with unexpected opposition by the Ohio GOP. They were told they could not enter the main area with their candidate’s name on their shirts.

Meanwhile, the rules seemed different for other GOP candidates. Not all candidate clothing was disallowed. Max Miller shirts were tossed to whoever would take one. “Seriously?!” Jason Miller exclaimed in frustration, “How much do you want to bet the GOP is paying for those shirts? We have to sell shirts to our supporters to help raise funds.” Meanwhile, a plane flew overhead pulling a banner reading, “Ohio is Trump Country” followed by the information for Jane Timken’s senate campaign. “Isn’t this a fly-free zone?” frustrated rally goers muttered to each other. A little while later, a gaggle walked in sporting matching Jane Timken shirts.

Campaign volunteer wearing shirt inside out after being told she could not wear GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Blystone shirt in main event area
GOP US Senate Candidate Jane Timken shirts being worn in plain view in main event area

People took to social media to express their frustration. “Lady in red shirt with a RALLY STAFF button said if we wanted to come in, we had to turn our shirts inside out. We asked why, she said NO CAMPAIGNING. There was a Timken plane and campaigning galore!!!”

Previous GOP chair, Jane Timken, seemed close to receiving Trump’s endorsement several months ago, but it didn’t happen. Widely unpopular in Ohio, Timken is making desperate attempts to pull ahead.

Another post said, “You won’t believe this…everyone is having to turn their shirts inside out…Blystone, Schulz, no campaigning!!! Censorship at a Trump Rally?!?!” Another group member replied, “What!? Who has the right to even make that rule?”

People who worked the rally as volunteers were given Max Miller shirts to wear but were not forced to wear them.

Jane Timken banner flying over event

The sidelining did not stop with blatant censorship. Tim, a rally volunteer, messaged a colleague in frustration, “Well I signed up to volunteer at the rally. Was supposed to get a skip the line ticket. They lied to me. Was told you will be doing general work around the fairgrounds. Like taking out garbage and moving boxes and stuff. Nope. It’s passing out flyers for Jane Timken. So got up and walked out.”

Joe Blystone, GOP Citizen Candidate for Governor, broadcasted the following on his telegram channel Sunday morning:

Dear Bob Paduchik and the Ohio GOP,
Joanna Swallen and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the tickets you provided us for the Trump rally yesterday. Although we were not seated with other candidates, like you had told me we would be, it worked out to our benefit to be around common Ohioans-just like us.
The GOP establishment continues to value their hand picked candidates over a candidate that may very well be THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE.    
It was amazing to see the thousands of Blystone supporters that showed up at the rally to enjoy the day with us.
Thank you supporters, thank you Blystone team!

Congressional candidate Jonah Schultz’s supporters also made a strong showing at the event. But the results were similar. Schultz said, “They singled us out in one area. Max’s campaign manager sicked the security on us. Saw Renacci [GOP Gubernatorial candidate] stuff everywhere and other candidates.”

Mark Pukita, citizen candidate for US Senate who is running on Trump policies, has been having his own problems with GOP officials. On June 9, 2021 he posted to his campaign Facebook page,

I just realized that I’ve been…politically threatened by two sitting county GOP central committee chairs. That makes only 86 to go.

They both threatened me by telling me they have a lot of people who are either their supporters or who trust their judgment, and they would tell those people not to support me or vote for me. Unless, of course, I lightened up on them. As if that’s going to happen.

Conservatives Are Fighting for Change

Conservatives have decided that if they want different results, they must play the game differently. That difference is coming in the form of “Conservative Citizen Candidates.” Citizen Candidates are “of the people, by the people, and for the people” and are running as Republicans. All over the state, volunteers are stepping up, sacrificing money, resources, and donating thousands of hours to help these men and women win their elections. The excitement around these candidates and their campaigns is spreading and contagious. But the tension is growing as the GOP pushes back against these grass roots campaigns.

Jason Miller summed up the mounting frustration amongst Ohio conservatives supporting grass root campaigns, “You guys have asked us conservatives to take back our country at a local level and start grassroots movements, but when we do—when we pick our candidates, you want to push us out with the establishment picks and that has to stop! Stop giving money to the GOP! Support your Citizen Candidates directly.”

The time of blind faith in one’s party is over. It’s time to step up, get involved and find out what your GOP is doing. It time to stop funding their control machine, find Citizen Candidates and become the voice in the room.

It’s time conservatives wake up to the dangers of the establishment GOP and take our Country back before it’s too late.

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Trump Team Wants To Make Sure Biden Doesn't Cheat In First Debate

Image by Gage Skidmore

There is a lot of anticipation for the first presidential debate. It will air tonight at 9pm, and take place in Cleveland, Ohio. But the Trump campaign wants to make sure it is a fair debate, and have made some unorthodox requests in order to ensure Biden doesn’t have any advantages. 

First, President Trump requested the candidates take a mandatory drug test. This request comes after rumors circulated Joe Biden could be on drugs, and in particular, cocaine. Trump tweeted, “Joe Biden just announced that he will not agree to a Drug Test. Gee, I wonder why?”

And now, the Biden campaign has asked for two breaks in the 90 minute debate. The break would come every thirty minutes, and is not usual for a live debate. President Trump’s team has denied this request. A Trump source told Fox News that Trump “doesn’t need breaks. He gives 90-minute speeches al the time.”

Moreover, Trump wants to make sure Biden’s not being fed information if he goes off track. In a report from Fox News, Trump’s campaign wants a third party person to inspect the ears of both the candidates to ensure there are no hidden electronic devices or transmitters. Trump has said he would allow for this type of inspection, but Biden so far, has not. 

Biden has been accused of using teleprompters in interviews, and Trump’s team has focused on his confusion or slip of words as possible indicators he is not mentally fit for office. This has led to the theory that the Democrats plan to have Harris as the frontrunner if Biden wins the election, and therefore, are misleading voters. 

Left Pushes Conspiracy Theory About Kanye West's Presidential Run

While most political pundits are not taking Kanye West’s presidential run seriously, key Democrats are worried what his third party run would mean for Joe Biden’s election efforts in November.  West, who is outwardly pro-life, has said some controversial statements, but lawmakers are worried what will happen if he gains any momentum. 

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn told MSNBC that West’s only goal is to take away votes from Biden.  He said in his interview, “I don’t think there’s any question about that.  We saw what was going on in Wisconsin where he was getting help getting on the ballot.  But African-Americans, most especially, know what this campaign is all about.”

West is working to get on the ballot in key battleground states that President Trump won in 2016, including Ohio and Wisconsin.  In 2016, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was sure she had these states in the bag.  Democrats are looking to West’s decision to work with Republican operatives as proof that they are only doing this to help Trump’s reelection efforts, but West has been supportive of Trump since he went to Trump Tower right after the November 2016 election, and then when he would visit the White House in 2018 and spoke to reporters about what Trump was doing for the country.  When West announced his presidential bid, however, he said he was taking his red hat off and no longer supported the president.  West is running as an independent.  

Why this matters: Because of West’s platform, it would seem the independent candidate, who is working with Trump officials, is trying to get support from Republicans instead of Democrats.  Furthermore, his working with Republican operatives shows he is aligning himself with the GOP instead of the left.  The Democrats, however, are nervous since Clinton lost key blue states to Trump in 2016, and don’t want to see a repeat.  They are clearly relying on the African American vote, and after a series of slip ups from Biden with this community, are trying to make it appear the Trump campaign has a master plan to use West as his pawn.  That, in itself, has a slew of issues within it.  West breaking from Trump when he announced his campaign, is trying to appeal to the same people who support Trump with his policies.  Furthermore, political pundits and representatives are not truly taking West’s bid seriously, and he is struggling to get on the ballot in many states.  If anything, the Democrat’s response shows the unsteadiness of Biden’s campaign, and that they’re nervous he will fail to deliver a coherent message to his voter’s in those crucial blue states, just like Clinton did.  

CNN’s recent article- Kanye West's bizarre 'campaign' is designed to help Trump, is an opinion piece, but the title speaks for everything you need to know about how the left views this upcoming election, especially, how they are already looking for every excuse in case Biden loses in November.  In the article, he said West is “getting played,” by conservative operatives. He links staffers working with West to Trump, painting a predetermined picture and promoting a serious conspiracy theory.  Most operatives, who work as independent contractors, would not turn down a job to help a candidate if they are paid for it.  The paranoia, the accusations, and the conspiracies, especially about an African American who supported the president, are a representation of the characterization the left has onto anyone who does not carry the same point of view as them.  

Trump: Biden's Following Radical Left Agenda

President Trump came out swinging today against his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden.  Biden, who is positioning himself as better equipped to handle the coronavirus on a national scale, has revealed some of his economic plans.  Most of the plans, however, include a dramatic increase of Americans' taxes, and undoing Trump’s tax cuts completely. 

And as the nation’s economy struggles to recover, President Trump said if Biden is elected into office, the markets will crash. Trump said, “he’s going to do things no one ever thought was possible because he’s following the radical left’s agenda: take away your guns, take away your Second Amendment. No religion, no anything.  Hurt the Bible. Hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns. He’s against energy, our kind of energy.”

While Trump was in Ohio, Joe Biden pushed his manufacturing plan to create jobs in the United States, called “Made In All Of America.”  Biden wrote on his campaign website, “If we make smart investments in manufacturing and technology, give our workers and companies the tools they need to compete, use taxpayer dollars to buy American and spark American innovation, stand up to the Chinese government’s abuses, insist on fair trade, and extend opportunity to all Americans, many of the products that are being made abroad could be made here today.” Biden said that even before coronavirus shut the economy down, Trump failed to bring back US manufacturing jobs and his policies “crushed” the manufacturing sector.  

Trump, however, is quickly jumping to his own defense, and spoke about Joe Biden’s record under the Obama administration.  Speaking in Clyde, Ohio, Trump spoke at a Whirlpool Corporation manufacturing facility about how in 2016, he first spoke about his Americas First Trade Policy. Trump said “we produced more than I promised,” and that he’s one politician who actually does that. Trump said he defended American jobs, and will continue to do so in his second term as president.  

Why this matters: The economy, especially after the shutdown, is on the way to serious trouble.  Economists are warning of a recession, and Americans are nervous.  Both Biden and Trump are going to have to focus on this issue and their plan to turn the economy around in key states like Ohio, and how effective they are will be the key to who wins in November.  Biden has been criticized by the Trump campaign for plagiarizing his “America First” agenda.  The Democratic candidate clearly understands Trump’s campaign promise, and as Trump was campaigning, did his best to present a similar plan.

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