Before Obama Moved Too Slow, This Time He Moved Too Fast

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President Obama famously remarked after his presidency was over, that the one thing he regretted most was 'moving too slowly' to 'implement change.' In other words, he wished he had moved faster to destroy the republic.

OBiden wasted no time during his third term remedying this mistake. From the southern border, to reckless spending, Afghanistan, appeasing Bejing, rising crime, inflation, et cetera, et cetera, it is obvious our Dear Leader Obama is actually pulling the strings for the globlalist cabal and moving swiftly in his aim to give America the 'kill shot'.

Pandemic pun intended.

However, a curious thing happened.

It seems minority communities want a strong and prosperous America too. Okay, I'm not talking about the traitorous Ilhan Omar and her ilk, but hard-working Hispanics and blacks who are moving to the 'America First' agenda in droves.

The proof in the pudding is the earthquake of a win for GOP Candidate Mayra Flores in TX last night.

The red wave is now a tsunami, and OBiden knows it.

Desperate people will do desperate things.

Now the OBiden administration is sending out letters to oil companies to 'fix' the energy shortage problem, after OBiden purposefully destroyed America's energy sector.

Biden warns oil companies in his letter that “at a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable," wrote Breitbart.

“My Administration is prepared to use all reasonable and appropriate Federal Government tools and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity and output in the near term, and to ensure that every region of this country is appropriately supplied,," wrote the communist puppet-in-chief.

Yes, Obama moved too fast. Psychotic sociopath dictators have to get the destruction of the republic thing not too cold or too hot, but 'just right'.

Now his movement has to pay the piper with the consequence of losing power for generations.

However, MAGA needs to be aware of what is happening -- desperate people do desperate things.

As my old flight instructor used to say -- 'Keep your head on a swivel', the enemy is coming.

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Darren Beattie: 'Something Dark and Sinister is Going On' With Jan. 6...Who Executed Ashli Babbitt?

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Darren Beattie and Steve Bannon take a deeper look into the investigations surrounding January 6th.

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Important To Remember As ObamaKamala Destroys America...THIS REGIME IS NOT LEGITIMATE!

Important To Remember As ObamaKamala Destroys America...THIS REGIME IS NOT LEGITIMATE!
Screenshot Youtube

Joe Biden is not in control of The White House. This is obvious. He has dementia. He has to be handled, told where to go, what to say. Information was released yesterday from a whistleblower alleging he cannot control the nuclear codes, he can't order a strike. He is too decrepit. We are unprotected as a nation.

So who is in charge? Most likely Barack Hussein Obama, from the shadows, from his mansion in D.C. where Valerie Jarrett lives with him. The two of them, plus Susan Rice, are controlling Beijing Biden, with the urging and loving guidance of Xi Jinping. Biden is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate, literally tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through massive corrupt deals with his son, Hunter Biden, who is partnered with the CCP still to this day. Oh, but don't you worry, according to The White House, Hunter is still 'trying' to divest involvement in the Chinese businesses, run by the People's Liberation Army. It's 'complicated' you see.

As we watch, the cabal is destroying America with unlimited illegal immigration, unlimited spending, forcing cultural Marxism on our military, preventing our kids from going to school, destroying our economy through lockdowns, and on, and on, and on.

Think this is all accidental? Think again.

The Biden Administration has been touchy about using the word “crisis” to describe the catastrophic flow of illegal aliens across our border ever since he took office. Most Republicans think it’s because of the Administration’s reluctance to admit failure. More likely, it’s because they don’t see it as a failure at all. In fact, their plans are succeeding – just a little bit more than they had expected, writes Kris Kobach in Breitbart this morning.

Yes, ObamaKamala is intentionally destroying the country. ObamaKamala hates America. Remember "God Daman America!", "All of this for a flag?", "Fundemental change,"?

ObamaKamala has been at this for a looooong time.

As we fight this evil amongst us, it is important to remember that THIS REGIME IS NOT LEGITIMATE! We did not vote for this. We did not vote for the nation to be destroyed in a period of six months.

As Attorney Lin Wood says, "Every lie will be revealed!"

Every American must take personal risk, stand up, and confront this horror. You can no longer be scared to be inconvenienced . Or, your kids will live under a ruthless evil dictatorship.

Your call.

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Obama Used The Erdogan Tactic On The US Military

Obama Used The Erdogan Tactic On The US Military

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In the last few days, the U.S. military has attacked an American civilian and journalist for that matter, and even threatened violence against him. This behavior is abhorrent to the founding of the nation and shows how thoroughly compromised the American armed forces (DOD) have become with Islamist, and Marxist sympathizers.

The result of this cultural Marxist transformation, which will ensure the United States loses the next war, can be seen here.

Subversion undermines or detaches the loyalties of significant political and social groups within the target state and transfers political and/or ideological loyalties to the counter-state. As the counter-state forms, a counter-elite of influential individual and key leaders within the target state will later facilitate the legitimacy and permanency of the new regime, writes Rich HIggins, former member of the National Security Council who was fired by globalist and former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.

The process started under the Obama administration, and will continue under the illegitimate ObamaKamala administration.

Look at what happened in Turkey.  The Islamists realized they could never take over the government as long as they didn’t control the military, intelligence, judiciary and police.  They encouraged their people who didn’t traditionally participate in these institutions to join at the lowest ranks.  Over the years they worked their way up the command structure so that when they overlayed them with senior political leadership, they were securely in control.  The last vestiges of the secular republicans attempted to overthrow Erdogan but failed as a result of the plan they began putting in place 30 years previous. 

This is what Obama did to us.  He infiltrated our ranks.  His people hired into the FBI, NSA, CIA and other 3 letter agencies leftists who in turn recruited new hires.  So when someone say “but the field agents are good guys” needs to understand they are as compromised as the senior staff.  The military has been undergoing the same transition. 

The only difference between us and Turkey is they have had less time to work their way up from the bottom in the military.  We must stop this now or it will become irreversible.  Cadets and recruits from 2008 are now O-4s and E-5s.  The senior leadership in control from that period are 3 and 4 stars.  They upper echelon can be replaced in 2024.  By 2024 though, those Obama era infiltrators will be our squadron commanders, brigade commanders and senior enlisted staff.  This must be exposed and stopped now.  We must rebuild from the bottom up.  The academies are where this can be turned around, but there is a little time.

It is still possible to reverse this sedition and treason, but the American public, and especially former veterans, need to peacefully demand a return to the vision of the Founders, and force Congress, and the next Trump administration, the rightfully-elected president, to radically change the administrative state.

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REPORT: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured

REPORT: Lt Gen McInerney Reports US Special Forces Attacked CIA Server Farm In Germany In Server Seizure Operation, 5 Soldiers Killed, Servers Secured
Delta Force Operators

Lt General Thomas McInerney and Lt General Michael Flynn gave interviews to WVW Broadcasting Network today. It was Flynn's first interview since his pardon.

In stunning testimony, McInerney stated his sources have told him U.S. Army Special Forces, possibly the famed Delta Force, raided the CIA-run server farm in Frankfurt, Germany.

5 soldiers were killed in the ensuing firefight, as well as one CIA paramilitary; the CIA personnel were allegedly flown in from Afghanistan for security, according to related news reports.

Subsequent review of the secured servers yielded proof that China, Iran, and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against President Donald Trump, who will be shown to have won an overwhelming victory for the American people, McInerney revealed.

"These people have committed treason," declared McInerney. He pleaded with President Trump to not leave office until the treason is uncovered, otherwise America will be fatally wounded and ripe for takeover by our enemies.

McInerney also stated that he believes President Trump knew the steal was coming, hence his executive order issued for sanctions for interference in our elections by foreign powers.

According to his bio, McInerney was a forward air controller and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and had flown 407 combat missions during his four tours of duty. In other words, a patriot and trustworthy.

Reports are now circulating that General Flynn is involved in helping the President with a private intelligence operation.

You can listen to the interview here. McInerney is in the second half of the interview.

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MAGA Movement Should Boycott Seditious Corporate America...Report: Fortune 500 CEOs Will Intervene If Joe Biden Isn’t Inaugurated By January 20

MAGA patriots should keep close watch and boycott these seditious corporations who are doing the Chinese Communist Party's bidding...Let's make them famous

Executives from Fortune 500 corporations say they are planning to intervene if Democrat Joe Biden is not inaugurated into office by January 20, 2021.

report by CBS News states that in a conference call late last week, Fortune 500 executives were planning to step in on behalf of Biden to pressure Republican lawmakers if President Trump holds up the former vice president’s transition.

CBS News reports:

But if Mr. Trump tries to undo the legal process or disrupts a peaceful transition to Biden, the CEOs discussed making public statements and pressuring GOP legislators in their states who may try to redirect Electoral College votes from Biden to Trump, said Yale Management Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who convened the meeting. [Emphasis added]

To read more visit Breitbart.

Marine Veteran & USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Stands By His Original Account: I Did Not Recant!

BREAKING: Nevada Mailman Agrees To Pass On ‘A Nice Handful’ Of Unclaimed Ballots

Marine Veteran & USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Stands By His Original Account: I Did Not Recant; Hopkins Describes More Than Three Hours Kept in Room Without Lawyer or Union Rep With Post Office Agents: ‘They Were Grilling the Hell Out of Me…I Feel Like I Just Got Played’


[WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y.—Nov. 11, 2020] The Erie, Pennsylvania post office whistleblower confirmed his original account of late ballots postmarked retroactive to Nov. 3, Election Day, at his post office, in an exclusive interview with Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe.

“They were grilling the hell out of me,” said Richard Hopkins to O’Keefe. “I feel like I just got played.”

O’Keefe said Hopkins’ experience would have a chilling effect on government accountability and the willingness of whistleblowers to come forward.

“Richard Hopkins is a hero,” O’Keefe said.

“He was a hero serving in combat with the Marines, and he is a hero for coming forward with this very serious allegation of late ballots in Pennsylvania being postmarked for Election Day,” he said.

Hopkins said coming forward was his duty as veteran

Hopkins told O’Keefe he did not recant his account and he stands by it, especially as he thinks about his own service and what it means to him to be a veteran.

James O’Keefe: “There's a lot of veterans watching this who served overseas. And there's a lot of people who are calling you a hero. If you could just sort of speak to the issue of--I mean, you're, you seem like a very normal guy who never asked for any of this--and you're a veteran and a lot of people are calling you a hero for blowing the whistle on something very serious.”

Postal Whistleblower Richard Hopkins: I'm just doing my duty and just--I honestly made an oath when I joined the Marine Corps from the get-go and as most military guys say, it's a blank check. We never give up that check. We're going to protect our country and our Constitution until the day we die. That's the point where that check is cashed in. And I've given that check and my heart to this country.”

“No one should be treated the way Hopkins was treated by people claiming they wanted to protect him,” O’Keefe said. “He did not recant his story. He affirmed it and stands by it—despite the incredible pressure for him to call himself a liar.”

Hopkins, a Marine combat veteran of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, told O’Keefe that Russell Strasser, an agent with the U.S. Postal Service based in New York City, kept him in a room for more than three hours for an intense interrogation regarding his account.

Post Office Inspector General Agent Russell Strasser bullied, coerced Hopkins

“OK, this storm is getting crazy, right? It's out of a lot of people's control, and so the reason they called me in is to try to harness that storm, try to reel it back in before it gets really crazy,” said Strasser. “We have senators involved. We have the Department of Justice involved.”

Strasser presented himself as a friend and fellow veteran looking to protect him, Hopkins said.

“I’m not while I am, actually, I am trying to twist you a little bit because in that believe it or not, your mind will kick in,” Strasser said to Hopkins. “We like to control our mind and when we do that, we can convince ourselves of a memory, but when you're under a little bit of stress, which is what I'm doing to you purposely, your mind can be a little bit clear.”

Hopkins said he told Strasser that Project Veritas retained lawyers for him, but Strasser told him that did not count. There was also no union representative present.

The postal service inspector general agent told Hopkins that part of his job of protecting him was to “shave” his memory of what he heard.

Strasser also told Hopkins that he would be accused of raising the more than $130,000 donated on his GoFundMe page with deception unless he allowed Strasser to protect him.

The IG agent said the best way to protect him was to have Hopkins sign an “updated” statement that undercut his original account.

Shortly after he signed the Strasser statement, Hopkins was put on administrative leave without pay, Hopkins said.

Although, he asked for a copy of his new statement, Strasser told him he could not have one, because it was part of an ongoing investigation, he said.

Tuesday, House Democrats released the statement to the media.

Hopkins original account

Hopkins swore in an affidavit that Nov. 4 he overheard his postmaster rebuking a supervisor for failing to postmark a late ballot Nov. 3, Election Day. He said he was standing close to the two men, but they could not see him standing there, because he was still sorting mail for his route behind bins.

“A lot of the stuff that's going on behind the scenes, like what I'm talking about them doing at the PO [post office],” he said. “I don't think--I wasn't supposed to hear that--I was one of the last carriers in the building. I don't even think he realized I was still there; you know what I'm saying? Backdating.”

Hopkins said he heard about the backdating, as he was preparing his mail for delivery, and he saw the Postmaster Rob Weisenbach with Darrell Locke, one of the supervisors.

“I was casing my route and I saw the postmaster pull one of our supervisors to the side,” he said. “He was pulling the supervisor, it was - and it was really close to where my case was—so, I was able to hear, listen in and I heard him say to the supervisor that they messed up yesterday.”

The whistleblower said he was curious about what was messed up.

“He told the supervisor they had postmarked one of the ballots for the fourth, instead of the third, because they were supposed to put them for third,” he said.

Strasser, who said he was there to investigate Hopkins account, focused instead on convincing Hopkins his account was flawed. “We're going to do a different exercise to, to make your mind a little bit clear. So--but this is all on purpose.”

James O’Keefe: “You heard Weisenbach tell a supervisor, they were backdating the ballots to make it appear they'd been collected Nov. 3, you still stand by that?”

Postal Whistleblower Richard Hopkins: “Yeah, yes.”

Strasser tried to undermine Hopkins’ confidence in Project Veritas

Hopkins said Strasser also tried to make him distrust Project Veritas.

“It seems like they were trying to make me distrust y'all and at the same time it kind of affected,” he said. “But at the same time, I was like, no, these guys [Project Veritas] have had my back since the get-go.” 

Despite his misgivings, he was still convinced Strasser was there to investigate his account, so he continued to speak with him.

James O’Keefe: “Did these federal agents have your back at this point, do you think these federal agents are really interested in investigating fraud?”

Postal Whistleblower Richard Hopkins: “Honestly, I don't think they are.”

Hopkins told O’Keefe he wants other whistleblowers to come forward and to trust Project Veritas. “I will give it you guys that you guys have been helpful in this whole entire thing.”

The Marine combat veteran said the integrity of the election and our democracy depends on people speaking up when they see wrongdoing.

“Anybody out there who sees something or feels like there was something janky going on with this election to include postal workers that were picking up ballots and giving them to supervisors, you should come out,” he said.

“I don't care who wins this election--I really don't--I'm going to laugh if we ended up electing Biden. I'm going to laugh if we elect Trump,” he said. “But the end goal is that it's a fair and correctly done election--and that's all I care about.”

Trump Fires Seditious Secretary Of Defense Mark Esper

Trump Fires Seditious Secretary Of Defense Mark Esper
Milley Esper Testify to Congress on Syria and ME

President Trump has terminated seditious Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

Esper made headlines months ago when he publicly went against his boss multiple times, the Commander-in-Chief, President Donald Trump.

Civilian control of the U.S. military is a hallmark of our success and internal peace as a country. Esper went against these tenants and his firing is a step towards restoring that sacred pact between the American people and their government, enshrined in the Constitution.

Esper is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy in New York and brings shame upon that revered institution.

Milwaukee- The 202% Biden Vote Was Just The Beginning

Here’s where things get tricky for the DNC. In Milwaukee the turnout percentage and vote percentage for Biden follow a couple really unusual patterns. From 101% to 62% there is no break in the declining numbers. Below 62% the turnout distribution looks normal for the remaining few wards.

A distinct inorganic voting pattern repeats itself over and over and over. As long as the list is, it only shows exact matches. If (+-) 2-3% point margins are used, the list will be least one third longer. The original list found at Milwaukee City Wire shows all the voting wards in the city.

It is impossible for this to be a natural voting pattern in any city anywhere.

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City of Milwaukee votes big for Biden

Joe Biden won huge margins Tuesday in the city of Milwaukee. Where did he do best?


Voting WardRegistered VotersBiden VotesTrump TOTALTurnoutBiden %














































































*Source: Milwaukee County Clerk; Wisconsin Secretary of State

This might explain what happened in the early morning when Joe Biden’s campaign got a significant boost and no other mail in candidate, 3rd party or otherwise received anything. The vertical lines shown in the image below represent a specific moment in time when every mail-in vote counted was for Joe Biden. 

Do Democrat’s believe they can get away with election fraud this blatantly? Time will tell.


Face It - The Old America Is Gone, It's Time To Build A New One

Let's face it. The old America as we knew her is gone. It's time to face that fact. However, when one door closes, another opens. We can rebuild her, stronger, better. But, in the meantime, we've got work to do.

A few observations and suggestions...

  1. THIS IS CRITICAL - Fox News is on the dark side. Don't watch them, give them clicks, or ad revenue. Cut them off, completely. I know you love Tucker, as do I, but he's got a decision to make too. It's time to move on away from the evil. Fox is compromised. Find a new outlet. There are many you can trust...CDMedia, Gateway Pundit, America's Voice, Breitbart, OANN, Steve Bannon's War Room, Whatfinger, The Liberty Daily, and many others. Find them, bookmark them, support them. They are doing real journalism during this American Constitutional crisis, and it is a crisis, no less than the Civil War, and maybe bigger since the evil force behind this is communist China.
  2. We WILL get through this. President Trump is a fighter. However, the country has changed. Half of America doesn't want the Founder's gift of freedom. They may be a lost generation. We now have to hold it over to a new generation of Americans, that will pick up the baton. It's nothing different than from grandparents raising the children of their drug-addicted children. It's going to be difficult, but we can do it.
  3. Start building a group of like-minded patriots. Organize. Communicate. Get on encrypted apps. Get off Google completely. Protonmail is a good safe alternative. Gab is a probably going to be the only free speech option around for the near future. Get on it. Minds is a great alternative to Facebook.
  4. When the President ready. Be ready to demonstrate peacefully with your team in your town. Become a new Minuteman. Be ready to support the agenda when asked at a moments notice.
  5. Prepare for your family. You know what to do. Do it.
  6. Make no mistake, Communist China is behind what we are experiencing. They have been planning this for a long time. Our elites have sold out. 80% of our politicians have sold out. We are on our own. No one else but ourselves is going to save us.

CDMedia is being de-platformed and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here!

All of us are going to have to decide which team we are on. During the American Revolution, only 3% were involved in the fighting at any one time. Make sure you are on the right team. Yes, we may have to sacrifice, but our children's future is worth it, don't you think?

We can't go back, but we can go forward.

In closing, a few words from long ago...We've been here before.

“You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms onother Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the German war machine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over the oppressed peoples of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower 

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