Followers Are Being Removed From Certain Telegram Accounts En Masse

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We have written before about the mysterious disappearance of our followers on Telegram at the CDMedia channel.

The problem continues.

Every alternative social media channel we are building -- Gab, Minds, Gettr, and Truth Social, are all growing nicely -- except Telegram.

Every time we hit 22,000 followers, the reduction reignites, losing 50-100 a day until several thousand followers are removed. Currently we stand at 19,000+.

We don't know how they are doing this. We don't know if the app is being removed from phones, or if the followers are simply being removed from our account.

We have heard this from other America First accounts as well.

In any event, Telegram should no longer be seen as free speech.

Obviously CDMedia's news flow is a threat to the cabal.

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War Room Pandemic Saturday Show Recap 5/28

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Episode 1,890 – War Room Special: The Coming War Over Taiwan

Episode 1,891 – War Room Special: The Coming War Over Taiwan Cont.

Jeff Nyquist: Details from the CCP Meeting in Guangdong

Bradley Thayer: The Threat of PRC Aggression

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Leftist Brazil Supreme Court Blocks Telegram Messenger In Tyrannical Move

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JUST IN - Brazil Supreme Court orders messaging app #Telegram to be blocked in the entire country (h/t Disclose TV)

The development is obviously an effort to stop the re-election of Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian populist leader.

Commies gonna commie...

Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), determined today (18) the blocking of Telegram in Brazil. The measure responds to a request from the Federal Police as a result of the application's failure to comply with a court order. According to information from the G1, the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) is complying with the order. At the time of publishing this article, the agency is already notifying companies to take measures to make it impossible to use Telegram. A daily fine of R$ 100 thousand will be applied to those who disobey the decision.

The Federal Police (PF) tried to contact Telegram to be able to forward court orders to block profiles, request registration data and the suspension of monetization of accounts linked to profiles used to spread false information and hate speech. The company never responded. As a result, the Federal Police requested the STF to block the platform, stating that the application is “a free ground for the proliferation of various content, including repercussions in the criminal area” because it is “notoriously known for its stance of not cooperating with judicial authorities and cops". (translation)

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Report: German Government Considering Shutting Down Telegram

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A report in the German newspaper Die Welt suggests that the government there is considering taking action to shut down messaging app Telegram because people opposed to COVID restrictions and lockdowns are using it to organise protests and share information.

The report contains an interview with German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser who stated “We cannot rule this out,” when asked if the platform will be targeted for censorship.

“A shutdown would be grave and clearly a last resort. All other options must be exhausted first,” Faeser clarified...

To read more visit Summit News.

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Telegram Appears To Censor Attorney Lin Wood - No Longer Free Speech?

Telegram Censors Lin Wood - No Longer Free Speech

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The encrypted application started by Russian Pavel Durov, which has become popular among conservative circles as Silicon Valley censors and blocks the political opposition, appears to have begun to also censor conservative accounts.

See the post below written today by Attorney Lin Wood on Telegram. Wood is currently being attacked by Deep State, globalist actors in the media, the legal profession, and government prosecutors.

His lawsuits have been dismissed in court without the evidence of election fraud ever being heard. The GA State Bar is attempting to take away his license to practice law in the Peach State.

It seems these corrupt forces have also gotten to Telegram.

Telegram Appears To Censor Attorney Lin Wood - No Longer Free Speech?

Telegram Abandons Telegram Open Network And Gram Tokens

Telegram Abandons Telegram Open Network And Gram Tokens
Gram cryptocurrency logo

Per a May 12 message from Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, the company is calling it quits on the Telegram Open Network (TON) and the linked Gram tokens following a lengthy battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

After announcing the TON network and Gram token back in 2017, Telegram is now officially terminating its involvement with the project, Durov said...

To read more visit CoinTelegraph.

SEC Looks To Be Successful In Legal Action Against Pavel Durov's Cryptocurrency, Gram

SEC Looks To Be Successful In Legal Action Against Pavel Durov's Cryptocurrency, Gram
Gram cryptocurrency logo

Pavel Durov, the Russian inventor of the encrypted communication app Telegram, and the Russian social media site VK, looks to lose a legal case brought by the SEC against the launch of his cryptocurrency, Gram, initiated within the Telegram ecosystem, TON.

The Russian news outlet The Bell put it this way...

Durov on verge of U.S. legal defeat. A New York court ruling issued Wednesday means the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will almost certainly be successful in its legal bid to block the launch of Russian billionaire Pavel Durov’s new cryptocurrency, Gram. The conflict between the founder of messaging app Telegram and the U.S regulator is over the classification of Gram tokens, which Telegram sold to investors for $1.7 billion to raise funds to develop its TON blockchain platform. This week’s ruling stated that “the SEC has shown a substantial likelihood of success in proving that Telegram’s present plan to distribute Grams is an offering of securities.” If the court does finally come down on the side of the SEC, finding that Gram is a form of security, it would not only jeopardize the project’s future, but mean Telegram had already broken the law by not obtaining advance approval for Gram.

The SEC launched the action against Telegram in 2019. Here is the complaint from its website.

According to the SEC’s complaint, Telegram Group Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary TON Issuer Inc. began raising capital in January 2018 to finance the companies’ business, including the development of their own blockchain, the “Telegram Open Network” or “TON Blockchain,” as well as the mobile messaging application Telegram Messenger. Defendants sold approximately 2.9 billion digital tokens called “Grams” at discounted prices to 171 initial purchasers worldwide, including more than 1 billion Grams to 39 U.S. purchasers. Telegram promised to deliver the Grams to the initial purchasers upon the launch of its blockchain by no later than October 31, 2019, at which time the purchasers and Telegram will be able to sell billions of Grams into U.S. markets. The complaint alleges that defendants failed to register their offers and sales of Grams, which are securities, in violation of the registration provisions of the Securities Act of 1933.

“Our emergency action today is intended to prevent Telegram from flooding the U.S. markets with digital tokens that we allege were unlawfully sold,” said Stephanie Avakian, Co-Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. “We allege that the defendants have failed to provide investors with information regarding Grams and Telegram’s business operations, financial condition, risk factors, and management that the securities laws require.”

“We have repeatedly stated that issuers cannot avoid the federal securities laws just by labeling their product a cryptocurrency or a digital token,” Steven Peikin, Co-Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. “Telegram seeks to obtain the benefits of a public offering without complying with the long-established disclosure responsibilities designed to protect the investing public.”

Early Bitcoin investor and monetary theorist Jeffrey Wernick declared, "I predicted a long time ago it would not.

"From the very beginning I have been warning everyone these are securities. They were issued and sold based upon the expectation of being bought and sold at huge profits. That is why so many investors wanted those that could get listing on exchanges and paying big fees to do so. They knew investors were enticed not at the opportunity of spending the tokens inside the network but speculating on their value outside the network.

"Everyone was bragging about their big returns trading the tokens for speculative gain. Not bragging about how much they wanted to hold the tokens and spend within the network. There has been lots and lots of speculation outside the network. Almost no spending inside. I think if everyone was more honest they would admit they were buying tokens to bet on their future value. Not to have for future use. I wish the SEC did not exist. I do not support regulation. The rules and regulations hamper innovation. And protect, not investors, but Wall Street. But stupidity or wishful thinking is not the answer."

The case now goes to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for further ruling.

Telegram CEO: Apple's iCloud Is Now Officially A Surveillance Tool

Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of major encrypted messenger Telegram, argues that Apple’s cloud service iCloud is “now officially a surveillance tool.”

Citing a Jan. 21 Reuters report, Durov claimed that applications like WhatsApp — which rely on iCloud to store private messages — are “part of the problem.” Telegram CEO delivered his verdict in a post on his official Telegram channel on Jan. 21..

To read more visit CoinTelegraph.

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