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    Trump Considers Flynn Pardon

    March 16, 2020
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    Michael Flynn
    Free Michael Flynn
    photo by Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0

    In a tweet on Sunday morning President Donald Trump dangled a full pardon for his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. In December 2017 Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about a conversation he had with the Russian Ambassador during the Trump presidential transition. When federal prosecutors broke their word and tried to jail Flynn in January he filed court papers to withdraw his guilty plea.

    The President's tweet goes to the heart of what Flynn's lawyer, Sidney Powell, has called "an egregious injustice.” The charges against retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a lifelong Democrat and master spy, have always been flimsy and were dismissed by the very FBI agents that Jim Comey sent to interview the named NSA. There has always been the taint of prosecutorial abuse and FBI/DOJ strong arm tactics to force a guilty plea from Flynn.

    After his initial guilty plea Flynn provided extensive cooperation with the Mueller Special Counsel investigators who were attempting to build a criminal case against President Trump for Russian Collusion that they knew from day one did not happen. Whatever information the G-men were able to squeeze out of Flynn did not amount to any criminal referrals in the final Mueller report and the prosecutors recommendation of jail time smacks of revenge. To combat the DOJ's double-dealing Michael Flynn fired his legal team and hired Sidney Powell as his new lawyer and she began holding the prosecutors to account.

    The Justice Department has "lost" important documents pertaining to Flynn's defense and Federal prosecutors have filed a motion seeking a delay of several key deadlines set by judge Emmet Sullivan. The President has expressed his displeasure with the slow and erratic wheels of justice in this case and other specious prosecutions brought by the Mueller team. Yesterday's POTUS tweet is a strong signal that Trump is not going to let Flynn go to jail regardless of the courts verdict.



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