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    Top Kentucky Derby Horse Trainer Worried About Rioters Ahead of Event

    September 3, 2020
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    Image by kybluegrass

    While Americans had hoped to be able to attend the delayed Kentucky Derby event, attenders will have to watch from home since the nation is on the most part still completely shutdown, and large group gatherings are a no go. But as Americans have been home, they have watched videos of peaceful protests across the country that have turned violent, and many are worried that there town will be next.

    And trainer for this years favorite pick at the event has the same fears. There are planned protests for this weekend outside of Churchill Downs, and Barclay Tagg is worried what they will do to the event venue, and the horses, if things take a turn like they have over the past few months.

    In an interview with the Courrier-Journal, Tagg said, "I don't know that these guys are going to do, these rioters. Who knows? All I know is you're not allowed to shoot them, and they're not allowed to shoot you. That's what it looks like to me, so I don't know what to think about it."

    Tagg, who is 82-years-old, said, "I don't want people hurt, I don't want myself hurt, I don't want the horses hurt."

    In Louisville, Kentucky, protests have been happening since May over the death of Breonna Taylor. On Saturday, the famous race is set to take place without spectators, but hundreds are expected to use the popular event for Black Lives Matter protests. These protests have sometimes included fireworks and the burning of buildings, which any horse owner could tell you is one of the worst scenarios for a horse.

    Why this matters: Attitudes towards the protests have dramatically shifted over the past few weeks, as what are said to be peaceful protests have turned out to be anything but peaceful. As Trump pushes law and order in his campaign, the idea of safety and peace are now the central issues for both candidates.



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