• Our Voice Doesn’t Matter, Does Our Vote?

    August 28, 2022
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    Guest post by Tom Burbage

    Many years ago a number of fault lines began covertly penetrating the foundation of our Constitution and our American principles. A major one began with the infiltration of the Marxist ideology into our Institutions of higher learning, particularly the Ivy League Universities. As graduates became teachers in lower level schooling programs, the Marxist virus began the slow infection of our children and changed the traditional patterns of learning. Pride in America, patriotism and belief in a higher being left the curricula. The pandemic forced a change in the learning dynamic as children participated virtually and parents could look over their shoulder and see what was being taught. It became clear that trust in the school systems was ill founded. These were the early indications of a new agenda being forced on America by a dark force, funded by extraordinary resources of a very few and supported by a political agenda that most Americans did not fully understand or embrace. 

    A second fault line began with the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act that expanded the role of women in the military to include ground combat, including infantry and special forces. Failing to recognize the basic biological differences required to succeed in basic combat began the reduction in standards and the erosion of our military fighting edge. The NDAA also began the movement from meritocracy (best candidate succeeds) to equity (equal outcomes trumps the best candidate) by directing all government agencies to begin the transition to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement. Ingraining these principles in the military institution is contradictory to the military ethos and requires incentives in the highest levels of leadership to make it a reality. The NDAA ensured that new criteria became imbedded in the selection criteria for the most senior ranks of the military services requiring Congressional approval.

    A third fault line began with the mandated vaccines associated with COVID. The vaccine has attributes that are challenged by religious and general health concerns. In the military, a significant number (in the thousands), have not agreed to take the vaccine. Many of these individuals are highly trained (USAF F-22 pilots; U.S. Navy SEALS), very fit individuals with very valid concerns about the vaccine. The Supreme Court agreed to hear the case but the timetable was recently delayed due to animosity following the Roe v Wade decision until next year. In the interim, a number of these individuals are being kept in a detention environment, performing menial tasks. Some are reportedly being kept in deplorable conditions now with no end in sight. Similarities to ‘prisoners’ still awaiting sentencing in DC jails for their January 6 actions? 

    So, how do all these complex faults come together and result in the inevitable earthquake that finally shifts the tectonic plates to the utopia some see in our future? They don’t.

    We now exist in a world where patriotism has been lost on the next generation. Recruiting has become an unwinnable challenge while we are simultaneously forcing a large number of mid-career, highly trained warriors into unwanted discharges for refusing to take a questionable vaccine. Tens of thousands no longer in the pipeline, tens of thousands being discharged. We are on the path to a very hollow force. Our military remains a national security requirement and has been dependent on an all-volunteer force for the last two decades. That may have to change and a draft, now including women, may well take its place. It will be a rude awakening for a generation raised on safe spaces, support animals and divisive rhetoric.

    So what are we doing? 

    The Calvert Group initiated an awareness campaign several months ago. Our 200+ members, distributed over 30 some states, initiated a letter writing campaign as district constituents for both new veteran Congressional candidates and incumbents. We also contacted, as groups of State constituents, Senators and Governors. To date, we have received very few responses and only a handful of meetings with supporting staff. 

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    It is clear that our voice doesn’t matter, at least not yet. 

    A second passion is related to the fact that we are all Naval Academy graduates, some with generations of alumni. It is clear that our Alma Mater, and our sister academies at West Point and Air Force mirror the same concerns. The mandated infusion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion assumes the Service academies are equivalent to the Ivy League universities they try to compete with academically. In the view of most alumni, that is not the case. The service academies are chartered to produce combat leaders, not accountants and lawyers. While the service academies for years were lighthouses developing the leaders of tomorrow, they have become weather vanes in the shifting winds of political social experiments.

    The major fallout has been a distinct shift in recent years from being a meritocracy based culture to using equity-based criteria in critical elements of the Brigade:  admissions criteria, selection for leadership positions, and selections for competitive programs.  Todays’ Service academies have a separate Dignity and Respect chain of command, safe spaces, removal of historical names, and an expansion of affinity groups based on separating midshipmen and cadets based on race, ethnicity, etc. The quality of our leadership core and the ability to protect our nation from its adversaries has never been more threatened.

    It is clear that our voice doesn’t matter, at least not yet. 

    Our national leadership seems consumed with the transition to a new world order, sacrificing our Constitutional principles, despite taking oaths of office saying they will defend it. 

    It is clear that our voice doesn’t matter, at least not yet. 

    But our votes and the system that they are counted in better matter

    Mr Burbage is a Naval Academy graduate, former Navy Test pilot and industry leader. He is working with a group of like minded individuals concerned with the ongoing movement to fundamentally change the focus of our military and specifically our Service Academies.


    CDM Staff

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    Your tax dollars are the only things that matter to Democrats.
    Repeal the 16th Amendment - no more IRS tax withholding.


    United States of America. What a huge crock of HS. Our states are not united. Far from it. Neither is our people, we are the most divided that we have ever been and it is growing daily. We have many, many problems that are a matter of life or death that are ignored by our enlightened elected leaders but what is our president doing? Joe "Blow" Biden is giving checks to reduce or pay off student loans. We have no real leaders. We are so diverse that we cannot come together. America is still the best country in the world but Larry, Moe and Curly are not who we need right now.


    Western Civilization is gone and it ain't coming back. Now, the inroads the vile Satanic forces have made so far will continue.

    There is a final solution to be achieved by Christians. It involves the Holy Spirit, Christians, the NIV Bible, and understanding what must be done all starts in Daniel 2.

    This is a pic call for a private group to be assembled. Carefully rean and respond to the riddle that is located at https://thetimeofjacobstrouble.substack.com/p/are-you-very-smart

    If you are not filled with the Holy Spirit you have zero chance of successfully generating the correct response. If you are not a Christian you will also have zero chance.

    Why did Jesus refuse to call down the legions of Angels to intervene in his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane? In order to know the correct answer you need to incorporate form analysis into your answer.

    People think that the currently accepted approaches to the Bible will suffice, but this is where Christians go lost. Why? Christians have ignored all that is written about the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

    Jesus clearly states all sins against the Trinity can be forgiven except if one blasphemes the Holy Spirit. The way one blasphemes the Holy Spirit is to destroy the temple of the Holy Spirit - through the DNA changing COVID-19 injection.

    Are there any real Christians left? Can they find one another in this anti-Christ world?

    Figure the Substack riddle out.



    This is a pic call - this is a public call

    Carefully rean - Carefully read

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