Kirsch: Lahaina Encircled In A Perfect Ellipse Of Fire - Impossible - Fire Was Deliberately Set

August 13, 2023
Kirsch: Lahaina Encircled In A Perfect Ellipse Of Fir - Impossible - Fire Was Deliberately Set

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Tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, a former progressive who was 'red-pilled' by the vaccine hoax, and formed the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, is now truth-telling about the Hawaii fire and it's impossibility.

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    Chinese Lasers

    jack johnson

    DEW.....directed energy weapon, similar to 9/11 and many California wildfires.

    Old Vet

    Some serious retribution needs to happen to some of these perpetrators. Climate Change my ass.




    Absolutely DEW. It's a govt land-grab with the objective to create a "smart island" combined with propaganda fuel to push the climate hoax narrative that is opening the door for the communists running the Biden regime to declare martial law and destroy America.
    They don't need nuclear warfare when they've already been waging 5th generation war against America for many years. Sabotage the food supply chain, kill off our energy independence, destroy American values and morale so no one resists.

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