Debbie Aldrich Talks Coronavirus With Dr. Bill

March 11, 2020

Dr. Bill MD, majored in medical biology graduating Magna Cum Laude at age 19, Graduated from medical school at 23 from Miami University Medical School, Interned at Mount Siani Medical before beginning his own practice.

Dr. Bill opened his private practice at 26, hired 4 medical doctors, a PA, and 12 nurses growing to one of the largest private family Practices in Utah.

Dr. Bill also built the 6 medical office buildings in a 10-year span housing his practice in 3 of those buildings.

Dr. Bill sold his very successful Family Practice to Intermountain Medical center, he is still a licensed doctor providing medical care to the community while continuing as an entrepreneur.



Debbie Aldrich

Freedom Fighter, Political Activist, Former US Congressional Candidate, Writer, Foreign Policy & Political Analyst, Contributor to I24English, World Traveler, lived 6 yrs in Europe, 7 yrs in Middle East, Show Casing overlooked and under reported stories, Host of ‘Freedom’s Voice from Around the Globe’.
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