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    Debbie Aldrich Talks To Dr. Bill Regarding Utah Preventing Prescriptions For Chloroquine

    April 6, 2020

    Debbie Aldrich discusses with Dr. Bill how Utah is preventing physicians from prescribing Chloroquine to their patients.

    Dr. Bill MD, Majored in Medical Biology graduating Magna Cum Laude at age 19, Graduated from Medical School at 23 from Miami University Medical School, Interned at Mount Siani Medical before beginning his own practice.

    Dr. Bill opened his private practice at 26 years of age, hired 4 medical doctors, including himself, for a total of 5 providers, 1 PA, and 12 staff members, growing to one of the largest private Family Practices in Utah.

    Dr. Bill also built 6 medical office buildings in a 10-year span housing his practice in 3 of those buildings.

    Dr. Bill sold his very successful Family Practice to Intermountain Medical Center, he is still a licensed doctor providing medical care to the community while continuing as an entrepreneur.



    Debbie Aldrich

    Freedom Fighter, Political Activist, Former US Congressional Candidate, Writer, Foreign Policy & Political Analyst, Contributor to I24English, World Traveler, lived 6 yrs in Europe, 7 yrs in Middle East, Show Casing overlooked and under reported stories, Host of ‘Freedom’s Voice from Around the Globe’.
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    American DesUp

    What in the world is wrong with people? The FDA has allowed off label RX for the drug, a physician is being blocked by a politicized nitwit.


    When the State Government does this, Publicly execute them .


    In reality, the state will get away with this. They ALWAYS get away with pushing the boundaries of power. There MAY be minor backlash, later, but more likely not.


    Progressives world-wide and particularly in the US are using this pandemic to make one final, desperate grab for power. Democrats WANT Maximum Damage, to destroy Trump of course, and if that means destroying America in the process, it's simply a bonus. We are, hopefully, witnessing the permanent demise of the Democrat Party.

    Rhoda R

    The governor of Utah is a republican. I suspect the fell hand of Mitt using the state GOP to put pressure on the governor just to make life more difficult for President Trump. Yes, Mitt IS that petty.

    […] over” distribution came from a physician who identifies himself on Twitter as “Dr. Bill.” He has made the same claim on “The Debbie Aldrich Show,” a Utah-based conservative podcast on which he is an occasional […]

    […] over” distribution came from a physician who identifies himself on Twitter as “Dr. Bill.” He has made the same claim on “The Debbie Aldrich Show,” a Utah-based conservative podcast on which he is an occasional […]


    Heh, Governor Herbert...I know that you are not up for re-election but this drug has been proven safe for 50 years...50 years...it has been proven to help many critically ill patients of COVID. Leave it to the doctors. You, Governor Herbert are not one...this is MASH treatment, war time triage. Let patients sign non liability to get the treatment and let doctor's prescribe it.

    michael savell

    The british army took Paludrine back in the 60's and it was found safe to use.I saw nobody with any ill effects from it.It s the forerunner to Hydroxychloroquine and will reduce the fever and save lives.The drug is the gateway to the receptors and allows the
    zinc to take the place of the virus thus removing it from the body.
    The strange thing is that I read about this virus early in January and decided to get some PAludrine which costs only 15p a tablet.Strangely enough some people had bought it all off the shelves which were completely bare.Honestly guys,this stinks,somebody knew about it like groups of hospitals or BIG PHARMA and had it removed,perhaps you will make your own conclusions.


    The slimy DemocRATs are trying desperately to discourage the use of any drugs to help covid-19 patients. They are more than happy to see Americans die from the virus if that will help to keep Trump from being re-elected. The DemocRATs are evil and Nasty Pelosi leads the pack.

    […] طبيب عرف نفسه على تويتر بأنه “د. مشروع قانون.” هو قدم نفس المطالبة في برنامج “The Debbie Aldrich Show” ، وهو برنامج بودكاست […]

    Michael Fisher

    Now just imagine how the Media would be promoting this life saving drug if Barack Obama was President. Here's one headline: "President Obama orders FDA to authorize proven life saving drug Hydroxychloroquine in effort to save thousands of lives."

    […] made on Twitter by “Dr. Invoice,” who identifies himself on the platform as a doctor. He has made the same claim on “The Debbie Aldrich Present,” a Utah-based conservative podcast on which he’s an […]

    Black Sheep

    In Utah they worship an imaginary saint called Moroni, which is why they're called Morons.


    Where did the Gov of Utah get his medical degree?

    Winston Smith


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