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    Bombshell Fraud In Montana: 6% More Mail-In Ballots Than Votes, Video of Counting Is Missing

    April 10, 2021

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    John Lott details the little noticed but massive voter fraud uncovered in Montana.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    terry j

    They are finding all these things wrong with the election and so much fraud yet not one single word about re doing the election or removing the fake biden. TOTAL BS.

    Louie the Bug

    Face it. Communists-Democrats engaged in massive vote fraud in every state of the union. Their vote fraud not only usurped the Office of the President, it usurped Congress as well. Bozo was reelected in 2012 in the same way but nobody wants to bring that up.


    Looks like 6% was the default steal. Happened in NH that 6% was the steal there too but the state just passed legislation requiring an audit of the last election. If the democrats take 6% of the vote across the board, they win by small enough margins that no one was the wiser. Explains how Texas and other states were "trending blue" these past few years.

    Richard Frey

    No doubt this sort of Crooked scheme has worked for many years, but with the internet the Tax Payers have been better informed which places a stressful undue burden upon Elected officials primarily in the Democrat Party !!!! It's now a known Fact Voter registration rolls are being Overloaded, many, many illegals are Voting, "Vote Harvesting" is Popular among Liberals and Now George Soros supplies Electronic Voting and Tabulating Machines to just about every State in the Union which have been proven to be "Hacked" and reprogramed during the Election !!!! The people are Fed up and completely Disillusioned with the Dishonest Voting procedures in their States. More pressure will be exerted on the State Legislature to Out Law Electronic Voting Machines, require up to date Voter Registration and Voter Picture Identification at the time the Vote is cast ......Other wise Future Elections will never be trusted !!!!

    Daniel FX Dravot

    The left and the Chinese stole the election and said, "There's nothing you can do about it."
    "There was no election raud." "The election was not stolen." These media lies are repeated promiscuously until they accepted as fact, a Goebbel-esque tradition that creates a new truth through the unrelenting repetition of falsity, disingenuity, and distortions of reality.

    The voluminous evidence of election fraud has NEVER been examined in ANY court,
    We are then assured by the media propaganda machine that there is no evidence.
    If there was any, it had already been dismissed in court challenges. All the court cases were dismissed on technicalities and procedural issues, not because there was no evidence of voter fraud. That evidence has yet to be examined. It should be and the issue decided on its merits.

    The media have been smearing Trump and his family since before his nomination in 2016. That alone is enough to disqualify them as reliable purveyors of objective fact.

    the Bruce

    It appears there is enough evidence to start arresting and prosecuting election fraud. That needs to start happening now...oh,
    wait, it seems our law enforcement and judicial systems are just as fraudulent/complicit and nothing will happen.


    They could find a video of Joe Biden personally stuffing every ballot box in all 57 States (not counting Alaska and Hawaii) and it won't change anything that happened last November. In States where Republicans control the legislatures, they must pass laws preventing the Democrats from cheating, improving the audit process, with significantly shorter time frames. Why in heaven's would Republican legislatures write laws that allow Democrats to count votes, boggles the mind.

    David Watson

    But we went to the moon!?


    This needs to be fixed now, not in 4 years.


    Democrats never worry about doing illegal acts. They only care about the end results. Laws be damned. Some crooked judge will always be around to bail out their worthless ass.


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