Feds Threaten To Use Federal Force To Shut Down AZ Audit...Wonder Why?

April 30, 2021

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BREAKING NEWS... Major developments threaten America's Audit in Arizona as Democrats ramp up efforts to undermine process. Watch Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward give the latest update. We Will Not Be Intimidated, says Republican Party of Arizona.

Hobbs’-induced federal intervention threatens Arizona’s state sovereignty and the Arizona Senate’s constitutional right to audit its own elections, writes Arizona Conservatives Take Action Telegram account.

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    7 comments on “Feds Threaten To Use Federal Force To Shut Down AZ Audit...Wonder Why?”

    1. the military won't do shit about this either other than continue to back the usurpers. I have zero confidence with the men in camo.

    2. Just do the audit and make it plain it's open to Dems to monitor. Treat them with more respect than they treated observers during the actual election. Show them that it's transparent and give people a reason to doubt all the lies on CNN about this audit being a sham. If you have nothing to hide with your audit, as they shouldn't with the actual election, follow procedures and let them watch. It will only make a more dramatic result.

    3. That is exactly what they have been trying to do since before the audit even began. They have gone to the Democrat Party in Arizona three times and ask them if they would like to participate. They were told no every time.

    4. Governor Ducey, pull a brigade or two of your National Guard off the border where they're doing squat and surround that audit venue! Or do you even care if the feds shut down the audit? Maybe you WANT them to shut it down?

    5. Go to 9 cameras live. They are working today too.
      Bannon war room had the tour. Their are half dems half republicans.
      Cameras above every one of the stations. Ultra violet lights. Now they added stations. Voting machines have been copied. Done! Every one is volunteer including security.
      Watch frank . Absolute proof. All about machines. Data captured. Trumps votes switched to biden.

    6. An audit will prove cheating happened and also make connections to other states where cheating happened. Fake, filled in ballots were produced by the millions in NY state and trucked to other states. It was all connected and coordinated.


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