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    BREAKING: Maricopa County Ballot Batches Off By 17.5%, 'Likely Joe Biden Did Not Win Arizona'

    May 13, 2021

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    Boris Epshteyn reveals another bombshell from Karen Fann’s letter: ballot bags off by over 17 percent.

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    John S

    LIKELY? Get this through your heads...TRUMP WON and WON BIG.

    How blind can people be? These folks are stupid and gullible to have their minds made up for them by the MSM.

    Ellen Cassidy

    How could New Jersey be practically ALL for Trump in 2016 and only 5 counties were for him in 2020???? Not probable. I think something smells rotten in NJ


    Get in touch with your local communities or legislature to get involved!


    Australia is praying for America 🇦🇺❤ God is always working.

    Phillip A Nagle

    That also means that they stole a Senate seat!


    Well well well.... Who knew??? The filthy dirtbag Dems knew...that's who!!! They lie like a rug!!! So disgusting!!!!


    Ok, so the big question, once Maricopa completes the audit then what?
    You know the Dems are already looking for their own answers
    So, you're a Democrat and committed Election Fraud and got caught, now what.


    it's all going to be down to 'simple human error' or other cop-outs and loads of BS


    Is the legislature not obligated after this amount of fraud to recall senator kelly with this information and either seat McSalley or demabd a new FAIR ELECTION


    So is the legislature not obligated to recall MArk Kelly and seat McSally or demAnd a new election


    I agree about Jersey! I know only 2 people who voted not for Trump. All my neighbors, all my friends, all my family members, all my co-workers in Bergen County... impossible


    NJ voted for Clinton in 2016 however typical red counties that voted for Trump in 2016 supposedly voted for Biden by the % Clinton lost those counties by.

    Ruby White

    We all know that this election was rigged so what is going to be done about it we need to redo the election over or make all the swing states do a full audit on all the swing states


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