Critical Race Theory Attacking Military: 'Worst Place for White Male Christian' is the US Air Force Academy

May 18, 2021

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Lt. Gen. Rod Bishop, Jr., gives an update on how Critical Race Theory is infiltrating our military.

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    Julie Sehler

    West Point was insubordinate to President Trump allowing their cadets to write a letter castigating President Trump and General Milly for standing together against Democrats and BLM who tried to burn St. Johns church. WP Cadets signed a petition against President Trump. Everyone of them should have been stripped of their commission instantly!!

    tom reynolds

    Milley should be stripped of his for treason against America and the President.


    Go away troll


    I wholeheartedly agree. The Air Force, indeed all branches, are becoming hostile towards white anglo-saxon Protestant male. I see it happening everywhere. This is not the military I grew up in!

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