REVEALED: Dr. Shiva Shows How U.S. Government Uses Twitter To Target Political Dissidents

May 25, 2021

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Dr. Shiva gives an update on his legal fight against Twitter, which is now historically showing the U.S. government is using Twitter to suppress speech of political opponents.

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5 comments on “REVEALED: Dr. Shiva Shows How U.S. Government Uses Twitter To Target Political Dissidents”

  1. Twitter has made my life miserable. As a victim of communism from behind the Iron Curtain during the Soviet era, Twitter brought back my mental trauma I experienced in totalitarianism. Except that this time the fear and anxiety were unbearable. I was hospitalized and only thanks to yoga that I practiced all my life I recovered.  I came on twitter in January 2017 to tell people that communism was coming and what they should expect. Twitter accused me of being Russian bot since I wasn't even on social media during the 2016 election, shadow-banned me and put me on blacklist in order to harm my business. And people let me know that I am not welcomed, e.g. PayPal. It felt as if I was back behind the Iron Curtain, persecuted, helpless and under surveillance of the communist secret police.

  2. Not only Twitter, but BIG Tech (Twitter, Fakebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, others, etc.).

    Apple/Google took down Parler app.

    Amazon took Parler off servers.


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