• IO Episode 33 - China's Act Of War, Interview With Patrick Byrne

    June 4, 2021

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    Host L Todd Wood talks with Patrick Byrne about China's acts of war, the Lindell lawsuit MOAB, and the election audits.

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    CDM Staff

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    Provide the packet evidence and the report in a document for the public
    We don't believe you....

    Oliver Clozoff

    Considering that we know that Dominion and the left have lied and cheated numerous times, I'm inclined to give Mike the benefit of the doubt on this one. You're going to have to produce evidence that he's wrong.

    Enrico Falcone

    Patrick Byrne didn't vote for Trump=slow learner.

    Doreen Hutchins

    The PACKET EVIDENCE is shown on video called Absolutely 9 to 0 at Frankspeech.com


    The election was recorded from start to finish, and the packet evidence is, indeed, in the possession of the good guys. Lindell has been screaming it from the roof tops. Believe it.


    Most Chinese people, or a vast majority of them, are good, decent people. Only a small fraction, about 3 million out of about 1.5 billion, are the bad ones. These are the CCP - Communist Chinese Party - members. In summary, don't confuse the people with the politics.
    The people are mostly good, the politics of the CCP are terrible. If all the Chinese decided to pee on the CCP, the CCP would drown and be swept into the South China Sea. Thank you, Mr. Byrne and Mr. Wood for this info! Keep getting the truth out!

    Bill Smith

    You have all the evidence,what good has it done? The bad guys won , they have the power, the American people are screwed. ITS OVER.

    Deanna Glaser

    No its not over


    The ball is rolling and the truth on the massive election fraud by national and international operatives in 2020 and earlier will be revealed. I think the missing trailer load of ballots in Pennsylvania picked up from a New York postal facility will be crucial in demonstrating the coordination of fraudulent ballots and voting machine tabulation fraud. The packets will definitely provide the election interference from China, etc., and the voting machines. The question is what did Joe Biden know and when did he know it?
    The CCP's Wuhan lab coronavirus (Covid 19/SARS2) could have been part of the plot. The alterations to existing election law because of the Covid lockdowns were quickly and illegitimately implemented.
    Kyle Bass recently noted that a CCP general who previously was part of the Xinjiang (Uighur) repression bought large amounts of land in Texas next to an important military base and the border. I wonder what Signal Intelligence and other information has been gleaned. I think the CCP might be several moves ahead of the United States, but now that the details of the CCP's Wuhan lab coronavirus (Covid 19/SARS2) pandemic and their interference in the 2020 election are out of the bag, a kinetic response might occur.
    Tighten your sear belts!
    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
    The Confederates may have temporarily won the battle of Washington, D.C., but they will not win in the end.

    Ted Gundy

    1. Send bio weapon have entrenched people in WHO and the NIH say the only way to combat it is to Quarantine everyone.
    2. Cyber attack get all the launch codes and be able to shut down crucial areas of the economy
    3. Steal the election 400 million investment in Dominion by the CCP Trump out Compromised mental patient in
    4. Biden and the insiders crash the economy just like Cloward and Piven said to
    5. Media backs the enemy (Democrats)-- Nothing happens to them. GAME SET MATCH.


    So now I read that if the election was in fact corrupt n we the people demand the true president/senators/governors r put into their rightful place n the treasonous frauds r taken out n either arrested or ?? The CCP have threaten to attack the USA ??

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