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    July 26, 2021

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    Boris Epshteyn On War Room Pandemic Breaks News That Maricopa County audit canvass will proceed in coming weeks.

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    The real problem with the whole scenario is that it was caused by the War on Drugs. That is the context
    that is missing. Every Individual has a Natural Right to defend their health and promote their well-being as they see fit. The Medical Monopoly - with the Legal and Illegal Drug Cartels are the real issue. Policemen should not be soldiers in the War against Individual Liberty. End the War on Drugs and these situations will never occur. Police should never be involved in a situation unless an actual crime against person or property has occured.


    Man have the ability to clean up what they mess up. The problem is every Politician wants his share also. The war on drugs came after the war on alcohol. You see enough people stood up to end its illegal nature. Today the CIA are part of the drug cartels. Money is always the evil which forms the activity to steal, harrass, lie cheat and every vice of man always comes back to the mighty wanting of currency.

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