• IO Episode 45 - Interview With National Security Columnist Bill Gertz On China Threat

    July 26, 2021
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    Host L Todd Wood talks with Washington Times national security columnist Bill Gertz on the China threat, CRT, DoD.

    This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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    Christine Bushong

    China’s history with the Western world offers clues as to their motivations and strategy to defeat us. They resisted Western contact and trade but finally gave in to small enclaves of Western delegations and trade companies. They resented Europeans bringing in opium to trade for Chinese goods, which was done because the West had nothing else that the Chinese wanted. They saw how drugs could destroy societies and have used fentanyl as a weapon against us. The Opium Wars were launched to stop it because the drugs were hurting their society. Losing those wars was humiliating, so they resolved to adopt Western weapons and technology to better defend themselves. They’ve never stopped stealing our technology. Finally, they learned to hate Christianity and see it as a threat to their regime. At one time, a Chinese convert organized a revolt among the peasants, which failed, but the lesson was learned. Christianity, or any organized religion or philosophical movement, poses a threat to government control.History shows us why countries behave the way they do today.

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