LIVESTREAM 7PM EST: Debbie Aldrich - 'Afghanistan In Context' 'Elections Have Consequences' With Col RET John Mills

August 26, 2021
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Col. John Mills (Ret) Former Dir. Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, International Affairs, Dept of Defense. Col Mills is also active in the NEIA.US, The National Election Integrity Association.

ColonelRETJohnMills on Getter and Gab, Daily Missive on Telegram, Kanekoa the Great.

Contributor on and Epoch Times, Frequent guest on War room and The Debbie Aldrich Show.

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Debbie Aldrich

Freedom Fighter, Political Activist, Former US Congressional Candidate, Writer, Foreign Policy & Political Analyst, Contributor to I24English, World Traveler, lived 6 yrs in Europe, 7 yrs in Middle East, Show Casing overlooked and under reported stories, Host of ‘Freedom’s Voice from Around the Globe’.
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