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    Episode Two - American Conversations - Afghanistan DIY - Interview with Scott Taylor

    September 5, 2021
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    Hosts Christine Dolan and L Todd Wood speak with former Navy SEAL and VA Congressman Scott Taylor over his efforts to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies from Afghanistan after the Biden betrayal.

    "I'm getting thousands of frantic texts a day for help…"

    This interview is part of a series on Biden betrayal in Afghanistan - Afghanistan DIY

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    Scott Taylor is a RINO and just as much fully on board with the GLOBO Homo - Trannies in the military as is the loathsome and treasonous Communist General Milley.

    Our military needs the best, the brightest, and those who wish to serve our nation -- not those who only want the amnesty the ENLIST Act would provide.

    I am incredibly disappointed that you are putting people who broke our immigration laws ahead of our national security and the the more than 100,000 U.S. soldiers who have been pink-slipped in recent years. I DEMAND THAT you reconsider the ramifications of the ENLIST Act's passage and I DEMAND that you pull your support for this terrible legislation.

    One other thing, Scotty-boy. I had a yard sign for your backstabbing, treasonous RINO carcass when you ran for the 2nd District House seat and I voted for you in an effort towards getting rid of the loathsome, slimy, lying, two faced, Obama toe kissing, Obama agenda capitulating, greasy, nauseating LIBERAL hookworm by the name of Scott Rigell.

    You have been in office for under 6 months - and you have already earned a score of F- from NumbersUSA. You ARE A FILTHY, LYING, DEGENERATE, DISHONEST LIBERAL RINO COCKROACH which is EXACTLY the kind of low life scumbag that Rigell was during his miserable, conservative-base backstabbing career.

    You are heading for a 1 term career, Scott. When the 63 million White Conservative voters voted for Donald Trump - they voted for the campaign promises that Trump made - which include NO G-DAMNED AMNESTY OF ANY FREAKING SORT.

    Start packing your bags and cleaning out your desk. I will not vote for a piece of backstabbing RINO DOG MANURE who is so arrogant that he thinks he can give the big middle to 63 MILLION conservative voters who want NO AMNESTY, who demand that every last illegal alien be rounded up and SENT back the third world nation they crawled out of, who demand that our borders be SECURED WITH A WALL and beefed up US Border Patrol Agents, and a drastic reduction of ALL immigration - and a total and permanent end to ALL immigration from the Third World.

    By the way: This letter was sent to Taylor during his first and only term in Congress, and just as it predicted - thanks to the flood of illegal alien parasites into them State of Virginia - and due to the finely tuned voter fraud that the diabolically evil democrats have managed to weave into the system - this unwanted demographic change has turned a once reliably red state to blue and Scott Taylor was too freaking stupid to recognize what the democrats were doing and look out after the interests of his conservative constituents and use his time in office OPPOSING the demographic changes that were being orchestrated by the Communist left in order to give themselves a permanent, peacefully unbreakable, one party dictatorship.


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