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    "They Have Created A New Disease…I've lost My Whole Life…"

    September 18, 2021

    Episode 16 – American Conversations With Vaccine Injured – Interview With 'Anne'

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    Host Christine Dolan talks with 'Anne' on her horrific vaccine injures, and the lack of any help from government or big Pharma.

    "Your nerve endings have been destroyed…Your body has told the nerves in your skin to die…You're under attack by your own body…"

    "They have created a new disease…I've lost my whole life…"

    This is a series of interviews with vaccine injured called American Conversations.

    This interview was originally aired on September 18, 2021.

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    Michele Sarkisian

    I am outraged at the hate on Anne. I applaud Anne for speaking up and wanting the medical community to LEARN FROM HER! She spent decades in the profession of helping others and believing the medical community was living into their oath to DO NO HARM. Of course she wants to help now by offering to be studied, believing she may be a rarity. All of you haters might put yourself in her shoes and have a little grace as she deals with a horrific personal situation trying to simply function. Pharma has no liability. She is being gaslighted, told it's in her head, put on numerous meds. She Still Wants to Help and offers to be studied.

    My God, all the haters are just nasty.

    I pray for Anne and her family. I pray for the medical community to SUPPORT her and APPLAUD her. I pray for corruption to be exposed, justice to be served, justice warriors to be protected and God to get all the glory.

    Julieanne Knudsen

    No one is even addressing the elephant in the room. Big pharma is prohibiting cheap, effective, long proven drugs that have been hugely effective in saving the lives of covid patients. If they would STOP making it impossible to get ivermectin and hydroxychloroqine, we could be done with this covid nonsense. But they can’t let the public have those drugs because that would cut off their cash cow vaccines. The health of the public means nothing to them, only their open wallets.


    Agree !!! Ann you are very brave 4 doing this. Ther is Millions of True Americans who are behind you. It's a shame other Health Care Workers. They also took a Oath. GOD BLESS you Ann. Alot TRUSTED WE WERE ALL PLAYED. THEY ARE THE 😈😈😈😈


    God bless you these brainless liberals are TRAINED MONKEYS. They have no clue about the truth. This whole crap was planned to get rid of Trump. We all should know at least 1 ONE PERSON WHO DIED FROM covid. Where are the bodies in the street? The homeless population is not dead on the street. These vaccines are still in stage 3 clinical trials. Only a IDIOT would inject themselves with this control population serum. God bless this lady we stand with you. People stand up this is another DEMONIC democrat SCAM.

    Tim Hall

    China owns us now. We sold out way too easily. Good luck with what’s left of the rest of your life!


    Those doctors know they probably can’t help her, and they’re making tons of money off this poor woman’s medical insurance, and her co-pays.

    These vaccines are killing people, and those that are permanently injured are now cash cows for the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies!!!


    These vaccines should be stopped immediately. What does this nurse practitioner think she’s doing by say research these vaccine injured people. That’s going to take years!!! These vaccines to be stopped now!!!


    Why on earth would a medical professional take an EUA "vaccine" in which she had no idea what it contained? Then she says something about "following the science". My brother is a nurse practitioner and he is COMPLETELY BRAINWASHED, INDOCTRINATED AND PROPAGANDIZED by the FDA, CDC, NIH, etc. I just don't get their complete lack of discernment and total blind trust in big pharma.


    I cannot believe this!! She doesn't say anything about the fact that there ARE NO LONG TERM STUDIES on this UNTESTED DNA ALTERING injection for long term safety! The world IS THE CLINICAL TRIAL! But Vaers is so UNDER REPORTED in regards to HOW MANY vaccine injured due to these parking lot vaccine sites, stick your arm out the window, get injected, get your free movie tickets... How do they track these millions of people for side effects and injuries?? They DON'T! Hard to put the cat back in the bag..


    "Anne" FRUSTRATES me to no end with her inability to answer the question about whether these UNTESTED FOR LONG TERM SAFETY injection should continue in light of her won horrendous injuries!! She is also part of the problem in the medical field that she cannot come out and say "NO" to her own patients but instead tell them to research themselves., Research what??? The CDC, FDA, Fauci are BURYING all information in regards to ingredients and IGNORE the thousands and thousands injured!

    My heart goes out to Anne and all who have been duped/coerced into taking any pharmaceutical drug, treatment or vax.


    Omg. For crying out loud Annie. U can’t come out and say stop this vaccine! WTH is going on I. Your brain. You still want to advocate for the shots. Absolutely not! No! Say No! Why can’t u tell them! What are u afraid of? I’m In shock. U know it’s from the
    Vaccine. U might die! And
    Can’t step up
    And say
    Stop these shots!


    Any update on Anne’s progress? Praying for her healing


    As a past Nurse, we must look at the full scope of this Picture.
    She has to Get Her Story out there.
    That is the First Step.
    How do we get people to listen?
    Speak their language

    Then we can unravel more layers of this very Large onion 🧅

    Share her story and atop whining and beating up every one.
    Share and support
    We must allow this to sink in…


    Oh the irony. "My patients are asking me about vaccines right now. An I'm in a very unique position, in a very hard position. It is not within my ability to-....my contract. I can't tell them what's happened to me personally, my own story,"

    Which is probably what fellow colleagues withheld from you, 'Anne.'


    time code 1:02:50, Nurse Practitioner with a 1000+ practice:
    "So for me, there's a little bit of a thought process, you know, 'when they put the spike protein in, can the spike protein leave its capsule, leave the deltoid muscle, and travel maybe into this specific tissue area, and then just start wreaking havoc.'"

    Well, first, here's NIH:
    "Intramuscular injection is the method of installing medications into the depth of the bulk of specifically selected muscles. The basis of this process is that the bulky muscles have good vascularity, and therefore the injected drug quickly reaches the systemic circulation and thereafter into the specific region of action, bypassing the first-pass metabolism."

    And second:
    They don't "put the spike protein in." They put the lab mRNA in, and the lab mRNA instructs genes in your cells how to make a protein (in this case a spike protein) that is foreign to human anatomy. So in effect, at the very least you are now a GMO (genetically modified organism).

    The messenger RNA in these mRNA 'vaccines' are transported inside container nanolipids in the form of polyethylene glycol. PGE was shown almost two decades ago to be able to slip through the blood-brain barrier. So there exists the strong possibility that people who take these drugs are now building spike proteins inside their brains.

    The spike proteins alone have been shown to be toxic. When attached to coronaviruses, they lack the effect that they have as singular antagonists. It has also been shown that they have an affinity for collecting in every organ of the body, including endocrine ones like ovaries.


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