Italy And France Are Close To Civil Wars

October 23, 2021

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Vaccine mandates in Europe are pushing The Continent to the brink of internal conflict.

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    4 comments on “Italy And France Are Close To Civil Wars”

    1. We are being surrounded daily by thousands of terrorists pouring in. The Constitution says if the govt doesnt stop an illegal invasion its up to the citizens to intervene! Mockers will mock but we are hearing Bible prophecy shouting from the headlines!

    2. I don't know who the guy is but he clearly is delusional at best and a shill at worst if he promotes
      this clot-shot for seniors. It's a BIO-WEAPON!!! How many more DEAD people does it take to see
      that this bio-weapon is killing in droves? Naomi Wolf is a shill/controlled opposition operative for
      the last twenty years +. She's an "Illuminati Oxford grad, (no different than Bill Clinton), that
      has been dutifully promoting the "New World Order "Build Back Better" dystopian Agenda of the
      World Economic Forum under the guise of being a "freedom-fighter!"


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