Catholic Charities Are Facilitating The Migrant Crisis

October 28, 2021


CD Media Staff

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    9 comments on “Catholic Charities Are Facilitating The Migrant Crisis”

    1. No where in this story does it mention Catholic charities facilitating any of this. Needs to be retitled.

    2. During his first term as President, Barack Obama went to the Vatican and cut a deal with the Pope. The church makes money, and for that Obama gets the help he needs to resettle illegal immigrants and fake asylum seekers.

    3. As a Catholic, financial support of my Church has always meant giving back to God. Part of that is help to those less fortunate. However the ‘less fortunate’ we are seeing today are coming here in droves to live off government handouts. Their highest priority is to visit a medical office, welfare papers in hand, to have a practitioner check off ‘client is unable to work due to language barrier’. Then they begin their life ofAmerican freebies.
      There are also Catholic Charity clients arriving from Somalia, Nepal, etc. setting up housekeeping in area housing projects, only to purchase, in cash, a 400,000 home within 1 year - what is going on ??
      I’m having a difficult time financially supporting my church - this is not what Our Lord meant when he said ‘help the poor….


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