FBI Used Unnecessary Brute Force On America’s Mom Founder

November 20, 2021


CD Media Staff

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    8 comments on “FBI Used Unnecessary Brute Force On America’s Mom Founder”

    1. they sure didn't go after Hillary's server, phones, and other withheld data like that, wait they didn't go after her at all.

    2. It would be remiss to delineate how, why, where and when we 'combat this evil' on a public forum on the internet. Suffice to say, despite censorship of the MSM and fascist governments, 'combat this evil' we will, we are...!

    3. The nation is inching towards revolution. That may, indeed, be the only way to stop this madness. It won't matter what you or I think. Some seemingly small incident will ignite it. The "civil war" some seem to clamor for, won't be very civil. I just hope it starts before the UN or CCP troops begin to attack Americans.

    4. It used to be said that the FBI was the greatest law enforcement arm in the world. Then it became 5%at the top are tainting the other 95% who are the best of the best. It would appear that a sober look at the current iteration would yield a dearth of center or right-wing folks and the left's drumbeat, "The ends justify the means," would preclude the ethical execution of the office.

    5. I would be remiss if i did not warn all of you to be patient and keep your heads down til next november.
      All we need do is make sure we have a true and just election. no machines, provable citizenship, and open bipartisian examination done by local poll watchers of the vote without foreign or billionaire's interference. Get that done and we will win back our republic.

    6. It was much worse the unnecessary force, there was no probable cause for the search. Organizing parents for school board protests and elections is not criminal activity. The judge that issued the warrant should be removed from the bench.


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