"We Are Medical Soldiers Bleeding On The Battlefield And No One Will Help Us..."

November 21, 2021

Episode 1: American Conversations with Vaccine Injured - Interview with Dr. Danice Hertz

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Published on August 23, 2021

Journalist Christine Dolan talks with vaccine-injured Dr. Danice Hertz on her injuries, and the lack of help from drug companies or Federal agencies.

"We are medical soldiers bleeding on the battlefield and no one will help us..."

This is the start of a two week, one a day series on vaccine injured Americans - American Conversations.

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5 comments on “"We Are Medical Soldiers Bleeding On The Battlefield And No One Will Help Us..."”

  1. Danice should contact Dr. David Martin or Dr. Robert Malone - Malone invented the mRNA process and Martin has been researching Cov2 since 2002.

  2. Wow, cognitive dissonance personified!
    That she has seen it first hand, ignored by doctors, sees they just want everyone to be vaxed, no informed consent, believes the Covid is still a threat, won’t see that Fauci is lying, she still calls it a vax?
    Wow is all I can say

  3. Wonder what she bases her thoughts on, “Covid is a real threat”. As a doctor I would have thought she would have researched the shot before submitting to putting it in her body. “ Fauchi is a good man”???? Clearly she needs to research more about him!!! I’m not a doctor & I know that Covid (if it’s even a thing) is not fatal unless you have another serious ailment. It’s treatable with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloriquine along with vitamin supplants. How does she know the people that are said to die of Covid actually had it or did the hospital just say that’s what they died of, in order to collect the federal $$$$$$ for every Covid fatality??? I have sympathy for her but she seems a bit naive & possibly believes whatever the media broadcasts.

  4. Danice said the side effects "are rare". The grossly under-reported VAERS system shows 1M vax injuries vs 246M shots (as of 1/08/22).
    1 : 1Million is rare. 1 : 246 is not.

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