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    "My Beautiful 12 Year Old Daughter Is Paralyzed"

    November 26, 2021

    Episode 4: American Conversations With Vaccine Injured - Interview With Stephanie De Garay

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    L Todd Wood speaks with mother of vaccine injured child - Stephanie de Garay. Her daughter thought she was doing the right thing.

    "My beautiful 12 year old daughter is paralyzed."

    This is a series of interviews with vaccine injured called American Conversations.

    This interview was originally broadcast on August 26, 2021.

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    I am not even trying to be mean but come on this is the height of parental irresponsibility! Why after all the information out there about these experiments!


    She got her first shot in January of 2021. We’ve learned a lot about these dangerous shots since then. Unfortunately, in January most were still unaware.

    Rev Chuck Wagon

    Very sad.

    Do you think Satan will show up at Walgreens with free Mark of the beast?
    Actions have consequences. changing your DNA marks you from others who dont. Go ahead roll the dice act like God is a joke. Hell is only for eternity and you dont get out. Repent and follow Jesus it's the only way to live.

    Revelation 19:20

    20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

    Jury Nullification

    Parents must be experiencing a tremendous amount of guilt for sacrificing their children as guinea pigs. Sad
    I hope the injured recover.


    It seems to me (and I'm not a doctor so do your own research) from the studies and information I've read, is that Maddie has a chronic inflammation problem and due to the micro-clotting caused by the injection her heart is struggling to pump through to the capillaries. That's why her extremities got so freezing cold. The extreme abdominal pain was likely due to her ovaries shutting down as the mRNA components seem to concentrate there (according to research done in Japan). The chronic inflammation could have caused nerve damage to her spinal cord due to swelling. What might help her is to research natural methods to bring the inflammation down, and thin her blood to reduce the pressure on her heart. Treat her with safe therapeutics as if she has COVID and perhaps she can get the spike proteins that her body is now producing down to give what's left of her natural immune system a chance. She may not ever recover the nerves to her legs, but she is young, so if you can get the inflammation down, perhaps she will be able to get some feeling back over time. Poor Maddie. What a tough lesson to learn as a parent! You cannot trust anyone when it comes to your child. Before allowing any medical procedure... and that includes braces or dental procedures, research what they plan to do first. The burden is on the parents to ensure what is planned is safe and the benefits are worth the risk. The medical profession has been corrupted. In the case of COVID there is no health benefit to children to take this. Only risk.


    Our healthcare system is about to experience a tsunami! Potential side effects of jabs include chronic inflammation, because the vaccine continuously stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies. Other concerns include the possible integration of plasmid DNA into the body’s host genome, resulting in mutations, problems with DNA replication, triggering of autoimmune responses, and activation of cancer-causing genes. Alternative COVID cures EXIST. Ivermectin is one of them. While Ivermectin is very effective curing COVID symptoms, it has also been shown to eliminate certain cancers. Do not get the poison jab. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can! https://ivmpharmacy.com


    The parent let thier child be part of human experiment and now get to deal with the consequences. It is tragic but all the information was out there for you to decide and you chose incorrectly. I understand your pain and anguish but the only one to blame is in the mirror.


    The information was out there from the beginning. When they were developing the "vaccine" there were indications that something was not quite right. I am for vaccines I just do not trust the companies that produce vaccines. Every one of them have have settled huge lawsuits including but not limited to; illegal human experimentation, false claims, providing unsafe drugs. The truth is out there all you have to do is look.

    Marilyn Crawford

    Fauci has poisoned many and continues meddling into the health of world citizens. He needs to take his globalist friends and disappear, for good from the public eye, he is our enemy number one.


    You had your daughter injected with an experimental drug and you want sympathy, none for you but I feel sorry for your daughter's pain and suffering also the fact she will have to live with you for the rest of your life or hers. Will you be asking for her forgiveness the rest of her life , will she give it?????. Are you gonna get her the booster shots because lemmings never learn and I think I hear sheep BAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHING when we pass your house.

    edward o'neill

    The girls problem was she listened to her brain dead lefturd momma and now the boohooing starts! Sorry, mom, this is on you?


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