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    South African Doctor Finds Therapies That Work For Those Who Took The VAX

    December 4, 2021


    CDM Staff

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    I have to note she's not actually a medical doctor as admitted on her unprofessional-looking website created by Wix.com .

    The woman doesn't even say on the website where she earned her PhD (?)

    Suspect source, like a lot of Stew Peters guests. All the links of her appearances on the home page are to Stew Peters videos.

    jon ozzie

    First point: Nothing wrong with setting up a free site - millions of people do it. Nothing "unprofessional" about the site. It does the job, ticks the necessary boxes. Oh, and wix does not create the site - you do...

    Second point: You say : "I have to note she’s not actually a medical doctor as admitted".

    This is what it says on her site:

    "Please take note that Dr Botha is not a medical Dr but an academic Dr. Her qualification is recognized in 194 countries including America and Europe but not in SA. Dr Botha does not diagnose or treat any illness but supports health through complementary medicine, lifestyle management."

    NOTE: "Her qualification is recognized in 194 countries including America and Europe but not in SA"./

    So; what is your point? Her treatments work - are you nitpicking, or are you a troll? Either way, your comment is NOT helpful, in this time of the massive onslaught on mankind.

    Martha D'Angona

    Obviously, Dr. Botha is a practicing alternative medicine physician and has the perfect right to do so. Her protocol encapsulates a number of available supplements in the US but some have to be obtained from overseas such as Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. But it can be done and interestingly, involves use of many that are actually recommended for treating COVID 19. One of my own family member has had what I believe is a massive and life threatening reaction to the vaccine which he had had almost 4 months before onset but they are classic in fitting the pattern. Nearly killed him and has left him with permanent life threatening disability! Just wish I could be with him and give him this protocol.


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