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    "I No Longer Have Any Trust In Medical Care Or The Government"

    December 5, 2021

    Episode 7 - American Conversations With Vaccine Injured - Interview With Olivia Tesinar

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    Host Christine Dolan speaks with Olivia Tesinar about her horrific vaccine injures.

    "I no longer have any trust in medical care or the government."

    This is a series of interviews with vaccine injured called American Conversations.

    This interview originally aired on August 30, 2021.

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    So, Olivia, I guess you are still out of the loop about what these shots are doing to you! You will die wthing the next 3 years!


    We don't really know that Splish_Splash. Though there is no way to undo the shot, but there may be a way to stay alive. First step is getting an honest group of scientists to analyze what exactly is in it. We don't know right now because the people making this poison won't tell us what's in their secret sauce and we don't know that all the vials getting sent out are the same. But once honest people can analyze what exactly is in it and how much variability there is between lots, they could start figuring out how to best combat its ill effects. People have got to have hope. Don't take that away.


    Thinking cam is a fed. Posting the same leading entrapment comment on every story. Go away fed.

    jack johnson

    This is also my biggest takeaway from this plandemic....I do not trust the medical community. Never in my life would I have thought certain known, productive and safe treatments would be withheld from patients. I never trusted government, but I always believed the patient/doctor relationship was sacred.

    I read my doctors the riot act when I go in for routine physicals. I kind of embarrass them when I giggle at them for being fully vaxxed, wearing 2 masks and safety goggles. I think to myself "this moron is going to give me medical advice"?


    My cardiologist FORBADE me from gettig the Covid vaccine. Ironically, he is Chinese. Looks like he knew what this vaccine could do-- kill you.

    A A Ron

    People got to have hope. Oh yes, you hopey changey ones are sure helping save the world.
    A bag full of lies and hope, but hey, at least it makes you FEEL good and that's all that really matters right?
    Maybe on your death bed they'll play your favorite song for you, to give you 'hope' that where you are going will be a better place.


    My Grandmother became a nurse during the Spanish flu epidemic=caused by vaccines. She was a nurse all her life after up until she dies in the 1970's. She always said: "if you want to be healthy, stay away from Doctors.". Many of my friends who have nurses in their families told name they said the same thing to them=stay away from doctors. Many people never see doctors and live perfectly healthy lives. They are called Christian Scientists. The doctors of allopathic medicine began using poisons as medicines back in the Middle Ages. When a Jewish Morano false converts to the Catholic Church became Popes, they immediately began the inquisition. The jews, orchestrated the entire thing. Torture is satanic ritual, a sin that is unforgivable=it destroys your soul and puts you in hell. "jewish" is a cover for satanism. They tortured and killed all the healers in Europe and took their wealth and land. The healers used ancient natural God-given remedies for sickness that cured diseases. The jews after wiping out all the healers, started what is now "allopathic medicine". It began with blood letting and mercury and heaven metals and poisons are "cures". It never ended. They still use what is anti-God, satanic, made with "medical:" animal experiments=satanic rituals torture of animals and people, sins against God, to produce their medicines=satanic poisons. Outside of Europe all people kept their ancient healing methods that were of God=Natural. The devil only likes what is Unnatural=not of God and satanic=antichrist, and anti-life. They use life-killing energy to destroy life. The devil is made of -Life-killing energy. When you started to worship and accept the devil, he made you worship doctors as God. You all have been worshipping the jews=the antichrist as God, now they will kill 90% of you all and make you his slaves forever. Turn you into trans-humans with his science=replacement for God, part animal, part machine, part robot slaves. The devil only wants you to devolve into the image and likeness of the devil and worship evil. You made the choice to devolve in ww2, by believing the devils lies about the Holocaust. Now you have to pay for that mistake, devolution into demons=psychopaths yourselves when you take the Vaxxx, and the forced injections of the devils poisons. You had the free will to choose and you chose the devil with great false pride, you think hating Hitler as the antichrist makes you good, think again, he was Jesus who came to save you from the devil. You chose to believe the devils lies and reject him. You won't have any free will for long, the devil does not allow it. Soon you will just be robots taking his orders. Have fun in Hell, you all earned it. Have fun devolving into jews yourselves, totally controlled by Lucifer. You evangelicals are the worst lovers of the devil, and you served him well, giving him the power to destroy the world from God's holy land. You will get your rapture=but it will be a one-way trip to eternal Hell because you worship the devil, believe his lies and gave him the power to destroy the world.


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