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    Holocaust Survivor - "Fauci is worse than Mengele..."

    December 17, 2021

    Episode 16 - Fight Against Medical Tyranny - Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharov

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    American Conversations Hosts Christine Dolan and L Todd Wood speak with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharov on the parallels between The Third Reich and today's medical tyranny, and who's behind it all…

    "The entire medical establishment was involved every step of the way…"

    This article is part of a series called American Conversations on the Fight Against Medical Tyranny.

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    Gerard Frederick

    So, lucky us have another survivor, I think it is the 15-millionth one, to tell us about Dr. Mengele´s evil, gruesome acts. I would like to see ONE forensic report - only one! - documenting his experiments and just ONE survivor showing her scars to back up the stories of blood and gore. ONLY ONE will suffice to put all those nagging doubts to rest. That´s not asking much and it should be a snap.


    Gerard, I share some of your doubts regarding the official, accepted narrative of the era in history called "the Holocaust", regarding "6 million" as a fantasy number and also having real contempt for certain professional Holocaust milkers, deceivers, eg., Elie Wiesel (sp?). That said, I hope with all my heart that you listen to this interview. You will find the lady credible, whether or not you may consider her misled about certain aspects of that history. She is highly intelligent, articulate, and of integrity. And she has her "ducks in a row", you will see.

    Let me assure you, the information she shares is very important. And she is pristine morally. She does not by any means equate "Nazi" with "German". Nor does she imagine that only Jews were victims of that eugenics program. She knows what is going on, and speaks it clearly.

    Further, just because aspects of the official narrative of the historical Holocaust are subject to doubt, one should be cautious about dismissing all aspects, very. I even believe that those "stars" who front for what is properly called "the Holohoax industry" accomplish, besides a lucrative return, planting doubts about the entire actual event, by design and intention.

    Listen to the lady. You will be glad you did.


    Video: The Voice of a Monster: RFK Jr… Dead Orphans, Tortured and Killed by Monster Fauci

    If RFK Jr. is wrong, Fraud-ci should sue him for defamation. If RFK Jr. is right, Fraud-ci should be fitted for a Nuremberg necktie. My money's on RFK Jr. He's a very thorough attorney.

    “’The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”
    – Joseph Mengele (and Anthony Fauci)



    A compelling discussion, an oral essay, and oral history of Nazi Grrmany, and her discussion is consistent with written histories of the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s.
    The parallels of current events with the middle 30’s are of concern, especially with reference to the Nurenberg code, specifically informed consent.


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