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Episode 1: Euro-Bites, A Conversation On European Society

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Christian Geib and Lukas Posch discuss with CDM’s L Todd Wood the situation with vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and lockdowns on The Continent, with a focus on Germany and Austria.

This show is part of series called Euro Bytes.

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NBS December 19, 2021 at 7:30 pm

It’s quite clear how most in Germany and Austria, at least, went along with the Nazis so easily. That brainwashed “trust in government”, and complete denial of the extent of evil in the world – ignorance and strawmanning with the worship of “intellectualism”. That goes hand in hand with rejection of God by the vast majority, and the corruption of churches that was described. You’re all going to eventually know the real truth, you’re seeing through a fogged-up window. RFK Jr is completely right on the whole issue of vaccines, and he’s done 100 times as much research as any of you. Also, whistleblowers (in Slovenia, I believe) have come forward to reveal that many of the jabs are saline – to keep the AE (adverse event) numbers “manageable”, reinforcing that “rare” lie and keeping the “tinfoil hat” myth going. “Science”, as defined by governments in handling COVID, is NOT REAL SCIENCE. An enormous and growing body of research proves every government intervention, from lockdowns, to masks, to vaccines, to suppression of effective therapeutics, is either a failure or is making everything worse.


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