VIDEO: Defeat The Mandates Rally January 23, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

January 18, 2022

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Join vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans as they come home to Washington, where our heroes are buried, to Defeat The Mandates.




CDM Staff

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    Patriots Unite

    I would steer clear of this event completely. Always the possibility the FBI wants to foment another false flag similar to January 6th, 2021.


    Begone troll. We the People can't be ruled by fear. Fear of either not doing something or of doing doing something. This is a legit rally with known speakers who have spoken truth since the beginning of this scam. People have "wised up" to the enemy's ploys.

    Linda Caruso

    Would love to get up there and join the rally - but, will be there in spirit and solidarity. Yes, the FBI seems to be lurking everywhere it needn't be at the behest of this freedom loving administration, however, we mustn't allow them to keep us from peacefully making our rights known.

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