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    IO Episode 96 - Interview With Washington Times Nat'l Security Editor Guy Taylor On Ukraine/Russia

    January 23, 2022
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    Information Operation host L Todd Wood speaks with Guy Taylor, the national security editor at The Washington Times on the tensions on the Russian/Ukrainian border.

    This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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    How do you know the entire MSM (Mainstream Media) are lying to you about Russia and Ukraine? It is an easily provable fact to any person capable of critical thought that the US orchestrated the war in Ukraine, not Russia, yet the MSM insist on blaming Russia. How do I know this? The evidence is overwhelming to anyone who cares to pay attention.

    The Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State Victoria Jane Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt have been caught on a leaked phone call planning the replacement of the democratically elected government in Ukraine. Prior to this takeover by the US, the CIA spent over $5 billion on covert NGOs to foment unrest in Ukraine. George Soros has admitted to helping the CIA with this putsch and we have copies of original documents showing that billionaire Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with the US government.

    The Western Press like to portray Russia as the aggressor in the Ukraine conflict but they leave out key information like the $5 billion the US CIA spent on a Gladio-style operations designed to destabilize the duly elected government of Ukraine and to effect regime change. Though Ukraine was ripe for destabilization, CIA-backed NGOs played a key role in this destabilization. They played on the hopes and dreams and fears of the Ukrainian peoples and set one faction against the other knowing full-well what they were doing. At stake here was the US Geopolitical Strategy set fourth by Zbigniew Brzezinski to encircle Russia and marginalize and contain Russia’s growing power and prestige in the world. Never mind the assurances the US gave Russia after the fall of the Berlin wall that NATO wouldn’t move one more inch further east. And of course the desire to keep Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment dominant by stunting and punishing Russia. Also at stake was the plunder of natural resources of Ukraine by the IMF whose method of operation is to burden countries with debt and then move in to ‘asset-strip‘ the targeted country; in this case Ukraine. The IMF’s detailed method can be found here: Who the International Aid Agencies Serve. Without an understanding of the history and geography of Ukraine the Western public is easy prey for Western propaganda. The US public would be horrified if they were to learn that the US is backing the neo-nazis in Ukraine and that their tax dollars were being used to slaughter men, women and children all across the Donbass area just to please Mr. Global.


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