Debbie Aldrich Speaks With Dr. Li-Meng Yan On CCP Bioweapon During Genocide Games

February 14, 2022

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Some internet issues in first few minutes but gets better quickly...

Debbie Aldrich talks with Dr. Li-Meng Yan on the CCP launching another bioweapon during the Genocide Games in Beijing. Hemorrhagic Fever virus could be on the way to the World.

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Debbie Aldrich

Freedom Fighter, Political Activist, Former US Congressional Candidate, Writer, Foreign Policy & Political Analyst, Contributor to I24English, World Traveler, lived 6 yrs in Europe, 7 yrs in Middle East, Show Casing overlooked and under reported stories, Host of ‘Freedom’s Voice from Around the Globe’.
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    you are being attacked by jamming devices. the jews wef do not want her talking about what's coming. its obvious. she needs to be protected by independent security. do not trust fbi for that either.


    mrs Aldrich you need to explain the real problem here in this plandemic is the jew communist pulling the strings of the ccp with the assistance of world economic forum's power play. it's not just the CCP doing this.

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