This Is Either The End Of Trudeau Or Canada

February 22, 2022

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War Room talks about the tyranny darkening Canada.

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CDM Staff

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    Trudeau should be regarded as a terrorist, given his orders for cops to engage in street and domestic terrorism against civilians. Same goes for the race-hating Joe Biden who's attempting to flex his undeveloped muscles by promoting war and to gain any amount of domestic power.

    A A Ron

    I predict end of free canada since all the people really have done so far is clutch pearls and cry in online chat rooms.

    If they WERE about freedom, they'd be doing what needs to be done right now to stop this clown show.


    Patriots are in denial. Canada is no more. America still has very little time to fight the NWO.


    Get your affairs in order with God. This has been coming a long time; it is Satan's last hurrah. If you don't believe that, check out the speed of the change along with its severity. Read Matthew 24 and the middle to end of Revelation. It is all laid out for you, if you have eyes to see.

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