IO Episode 103 - Interview With Garland Favorito Of - 'We Found Electronic Manipulation Of Votes'

March 12, 2022

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Information Operation Host L Todd Wood speaks with Garland Favorito of on finding irrefutable evidence of electronic manipulation of votes during the 2020 general election in Georgia.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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    6 comments on “IO Episode 103 - Interview With Garland Favorito Of - 'We Found Electronic Manipulation Of Votes'”

    1. What the Hell is the Supreme Court waiting for. Numerous proofs of election fraud and they sit on their hands, afraid to piss off the Democrats!! Numerous State lawsuits have been halted and slowed by
      crooked politicians of the Democrat party. If they can't get involved with something as important as our election, whart the Hell are they doing looking into birth control??

      1. Because at this point, to agree to make right the previous election would not only upend this country, but the world.

        Would all our politicians...military brass...alphabet agency all... would they try to act genuinely surprised by the news that trump really won, and would they be rushing to “right the wrongs?” We all aspect that people with higher clearance than us should know what we all know.
        Would they pretend, or admit they went along?

        The left in this country would have to end up being subdued through force...
        If they had to acknowledge that their machine cheated, and in doing that, installed the biggest failure in Democrat history, they would expect to lose every election for a decade or more. They’d never admit that. Their toolbox of tactics would focus on causing anarchy while crying over their deep love of freedom and peace.....thru protest....and arson....

        Lastly, Trump is not the kind of guy to let them save face in the event of....
        He would not reassume the office with a heavy heart and a quiet yet fierce sense of duty.... I, would rub the reality of their loss, attempted steal, and failures since in their faces until our last days.

    2. Everyone with an IQ above their shoe size knows that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.
      Nasty Pelosi knows the election was rigged.
      Chuck U. Schumer knows the electrion was rigged.
      Shithead Schiff knows the election was rigged.
      The cheating, crooked DemocRATs know the election was rigged.
      The true American people know the election was rigged.
      The fake news lame stream left-wing lying media knows the election was rigged.
      TRUMP WON!!

    3. This illegal government of biden , obama and Dominion should have been ripped out on Jan 6. That's what they expected but Americans were too wimpy and aborted the removal of the crooks.


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