Tucker Destroys Warmongering Congressman Maria Salazar

March 17, 2022

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3 comments on “Tucker Destroys Warmongering Congressman Maria Salazar”

  1. Salazar's assessment is not unlike that used by CDC.. "Take the jab. We don't really know what it will do (which is why it is not FDA approved) but we support it."

  2. Senator Salazar has brought up some very important points and the very fact that she is a Cuban-American we probably should listen to what she has to say instead of cutting her off all the time

    1. Actually she has voted for destruction of the republic supporting Biden’s crazy spending. She is a RINO in sheep’s clothing. She is pushing amnesty another destructive policy. She is a fraud. He race has nothing to do with it. She is also a warmonger for the establishment.

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