• Dr. Wolf On The FDA's Late Restrictions On Covid Vax

    May 5, 2022

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    Dr. Naomi Wolf discusses the FDA's latest political move to save face and legal liability for approving the J&J Covid vaccine when they knew it caused blood clots.

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    CDM Staff

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    michael savell

    Ms Wolfe,What did you tell mark steyn?


    People still listen to the FDA!? LOL!


    Wow, and the wife and I had thought that if we finally get forced to vax that the J&J was the better choice. Glad we are still pure bloods.


    All Government agencies are giving you disinformation, FDA, DHS, FBI, Congress, Senate and even the President !


    Joek (pronounced: joke) Obiden is not our president; he's a Presidential Imposter. Everything he decrees is FAKE ! Null and void. He's the Thief-In-Chief.

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