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    LIVESTREAM SHORTLY: Protest at USAFA Against Vaccine Mandates

    May 14, 2022

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    Protesters gather at the main gate of the US Air Force Academy to protest vaccine mandates and the tyrannical treatment of cadets, being dismissed, fined and harassed for not taking the vaccine for religious exemptions.

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    Bonnie Matheson

    I think it is unbelievable that these people are being kicked out. It is outrageous to demand people take an experimental shot at any time. But now we know that the shot does not actually keep people from getting the virus. They are young and strong and would be fine even if they caught it.

    Jane Anderson

    Unbelievable!!! This all is coming straight from hell. Here again is the phone number of the 3 star General Richard Clark who denied these cadets religious exemption requests: 719-333-4141. Let's leave this "leader" a message (start Monday morning, no answer on weekends)! He is breaking his oath to uphold the Constitution.


    Gee, aren’t there thousands of protestors around the Supreme Court right now screaming, “My body! My choice!”???


    I thought Doe v. Rumsfeld addressed this: The shots do not meet the federal definition of vaccine as stated in USC 26 §§4132 (a)(2) "a substance that prevents one or more diseases" The FDA and CDC broke the law committing fraud by calling these shots "vaccines" when they are not. They are experimental and as such they can not be mandated to anyone. Why the court cases don't go right to this critical heart of the matter is beyond me.


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