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LIVE FROM NEW YORK! – Wild Promise Podcast Episode 1 – The Baby Formula Shortage

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Hosts Jackie Toboroff and Tamara Lashchyk bring the truth about what is really happening in New York City!

This podcast is part of a series called ‘Wild Promise’!

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Jonelle Berthal June 3, 2022 at 3:39 am

There is no shortage of baby formula nor “unsanitary factory conditions” as claimed. It’s DELIBERATELY being withheld (think the supply chain interruption) by Joe Biden the White Supremacist and collaborators for the purposes of 1) starving and exterminatinng black babies (think Planned Parenthood and Anthony Fauci murdering orphans) 2) for Biden to allow the little garden gnomes Bill Gates-Fauci Mengele to introduce his (Gates) toxic and false “human milk” to add in his vicious cv19 vaxx and to more of his piles of wealth. Note that not ONE DROP of Biden’s false “imported from Germany” formula and from other “European countries” has been seen, delivered, purchased, or drank by infants. Any photos displayed on the internet showing “pallets” and planes full of formula is false, doctored, and lied about by the chronic liar Joe Biden.


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